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Trump times… May 12, 2017

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The latest news that Trump is effectively threatening former FBI head Comey by tweet is… well what is it?

Kind of par for the course. I mean I look without success for an ideological bedrock in Trump – because so much of what we see, this lack of bourgeois propriety and norms isn’t driven by anything to do with politics, is no thumbing the nose at an establishment he is so functionally a part of, but is essentially reactionary in the psychological sense of the term. And the plumbing of depths that we did not know existed doesn’t mean anything because this Presidency doesn’t mean anything. Sure, the politics is shit, AHCA, Pence etc. But it runs in tandem as distinct from being the motor of all that we see. Trump has no programme as such, bar the continuation of his lifestyle and that of those around him (has an administration every been so top heavy with family?). That those who have hitched their star to him are a collection of right and ultra rightists of all stripes is likewise something that runs in tandem. So far they have exemplified incompetence. 

How long can this circus stay on the road?


1. Lamentreat - May 12, 2017

I wonder if what the Russians have on him is not any particular collusion, certainly not some elaborate “capturing of American democracy” or whatever. Instead, they just have his tax returns, or some other detailed financial snapshot, which would show him to be massively over-leveraged, and possibly technically bankrupt.

I have the feeling the the whole Trump family roadshow is corrupt not so much in the sense he’s piling up cash for the future, like Mobuto putting away money in Switzerland, but because he needs loads of cash flow, right now, to service his various debts and hold up the elaborate house of cards that is his business empire.


2. roddy - May 12, 2017

As I said before, he’ll be lucky to last the year.


6to5against - May 13, 2017

But how does it play out? Impeachment by the house sends it to the senate, where he needs 34 votes to survive. However damaged he might be by such a process, can anybody see him rolling over and accepting that he should go?

And if he does go, we still have Pence and the congress in Republican hands. Free to do whatever they like, protected by the fact that they’re not quite as bad as Trump.

And what crazed rump will be left to play to the Trump gallery?

I think this is going to get a lot worse.

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3. CL - May 13, 2017

“the Treasury Department’s unit that specializes in combating money-laundering and financial crimes will share its financial records with the Senate in the expanding probe into possible ties between Russia and President Donald Trump and his team.”


CL - May 13, 2017

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