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Watch this space… May 12, 2017

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I thought this useful. From the Guardian a piece on how the FN might be down but far from out after the Presidential contest. And in particular the following:

Nevertheless, inside the Front National, there will be internal party recriminations over how Le Pen ran her campaign. The controversial central manifesto pledge to leave the euro was seen as having dissuaded much-needed voters from coming over from the right. It was the source of wavering and bickering inside the party. Le Pen’s TV debate performance was seen as aggressive, erratic and completely at odds with her initial aim to appear “presidential” and reassuring in the campaign. That highly criticised TV performance was also seen to have cost her second-round voters from the mainstream right who might otherwise have given theirsupport.

How the FN responds to that will be very very interesting. Le Pen somewhat modified her language in regard to the EU and the euro in the campaign. If she, or a successor, moderates it again that will be very telling.


1. Alibaba - May 12, 2017

As Macron rolls out his “reforms”, that is, attacking the labour movement, Le Pen will present NF with its anti-globalisation and anti-neoliberal platform. How ironic it could be for them to present themselves as the enemy of the establishment, whilst carrying their racist, anti-Muslim, anti-EU bags. Mind you, given that many voted for Macron to block Le Pen, who knows what could happen yet. Much depends on the outcome of elections to the National Assembly (who gets what) and any resistance to attacks on workers.


2. GW - May 12, 2017

Certainly a lot more interesting that the British elections.

The left unfortunately is split all over the place (surprise, surprise!) and I suspect that Macron’s people will get it together to take a majority in the Assembly.

But early days yet and very unpredictable. I haven’t seen any reliable seat projections yet.


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