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This Weekend I’ll mostly be listening to… new stuff from 2016 and 2017 (mostly). May 13, 2017

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Haven’t done this in a while, but some great albums and tracks released this last twelve months or so – some of which I’ve only just got around to listening to.

Hawkwind still plugging away and Dave Brock a disgracefully healthy 76 years of age. Wire bringing their ragged variety of very slightly electronic inflected post-punk to this decade. And Robyn Hitchcock looking unfeasibly young despite his grey head of of hair. And what about the Jesus and Mary Chain.

Of course there are newer artists. Pond go…well…Miami Vice on us with synth wave inflected work. Wax Idols continue to mine a profitable stream of post-punk that teeters on the edge of goth. Thundercat releases a fantastic album about… alcohol (can that be right?) adding to his body of work. And Pharmakon…

A couple of things I’ve heard from the dim and distant past – Neo Boys feminist punk. Not so distant but still a while ago, Regis and Female’s C/Chaos all the way from ten years back and I see Regis and Demdyke Stare are appearing together in the US on tour which would be… appropriate.

Robyn Hitchcock – I Want to Tell You About What I Want

Kind of brilliant. Deadpan and sinister.

Pharmakon – Transmission

An abrasive and interesting track from Margaret Chardiet (aka Pharmakon) and her Contact album from this year. Filed under experimental by Pitchfork.

Neo Boys – Rich Man’s Dream

All the way from the late 70s and that punk/new wave milieu. Wiki claims they were Portland’s first ‘all-female rock band’. Can that be right? I suppose it could.

Regis & Female – C/Chaos


Thundercat – Show You The Way (feat. Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins)

Not so sure Thundercat’s lyrics are always so great but this…this I like. And it’s kind of a coup getting McDonald and Loggins in. Words I never thought I’d type.

Pond – Colder than Ice

Sounding like it’s just been beamed in from the 1980s and the Miami Vice side of the 80s at that… Pond take a synth wave step to one side of their usual psych trappings. And why not?

Wax Idols – Lonely You

I’m a big fan of Hether Fortune’s Wax Idols and their ability to repackage a lot of 1980s sounds in a near seamlessly contemporary approach. This track typifies that but their album ‘American Tragic’ engages with a very wide palette of sounds and styles.

Hawkwind – Have You Seen Them


Jesus and Mary Chain – The Two of Us (feat Isobel Campbell)

Kudos to the JAMC for numerous guest female vocalists on their most recent album. It really extends the sound. This is a particularly good example with Isobell Campbell of Belle & Sebastian amongst other groups.

Wire – Short Elevated Period

I really like this track. But then I like them all!

Brian Jonestown Massacre – Groove is in the Heart

Not a cover.


1. Aonrud ⚘ - May 13, 2017

On recent albums, someone introduced me to Martin Creed’s album, Thoughts Lined Up, recently. All simple ideas, or even one line, over a minimalist poppy sound. Some great songs in there.


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