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Revealing comments…  May 15, 2017

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I think this incident here where a Tory MP swore at a schoolgirl when she asked a question in reference to independence for Scotland is more fascinating than it might first appear. 

A Conservative candidate has apologised for telling a Scottish schoolgirl to “fuck off” after she said she would vote for independence if there was a second referendum.

James Heappey, who is standing for re-election in Wells, made the remark during a debate with sixth-formers at the fee-paying Millfield school in Somerset.

Heappey said his comment was intended to be light-hearted and denied reports that he told the teenager to “fuck off back to Scotland”.

I don’t want to over emphasise it but doesn’t it tell us something about the political narrative of Toryism, and indeed unionism, that a candidate could so lose their sense of place as to speak like that about a political issue and to a child? The bundle of expectations on the part of Heappey, that this was a matter not merely so trivial that he didn’t have to engage but that he could use language like that and in that context perhaps points to a terrible blindness on the part of many English (to put it at its kindest). And then there’s the obvious contradiction in relation to how Scotland is ‘other’ – a place where the girl should ‘go back to’.


1. Starkadder - May 16, 2017

Does this incident perhaps speak to the coarsening of political discourse in Britain and elsewhere, that such behaviour has become more common? See the comments about the British tabloids on the Jo Cox thread.


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