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Class war… May 16, 2017

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Thanks to the person who forwarded this… 


…on Today with Sean O’Rourke, the Minister’s policy initiative itself, and the advertising campaign that goes along with it, were subjected to a full-on sledge-hammering by a former inspector at that very Department, the Department for Social Protection.  Her name is Bernadette Gorman, and she was taking no prisoners.

“I do believe he is on a solo run. And I do believe it’s all about his ego. It’s a very distasteful campaign, and never in the history of the state, while I was in there, has there been a campaign like it.  … It’s a war on the poor. It is class warfare, actually. A very Toryite idea.”


1. Alibaba - May 17, 2017

I listened to a mate giving me an account of the O’Rourke interview. It seems somebody called in to say something to this effect: “I am a rich supporter of Fine Gael and I am gay. But I think she [Bernadette Gorman] is right’.” I was thinking, but not saying, is this for real?


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