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What we are reading and the CLR Book Club May 16, 2017

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Last week there was the suggestion that we read Official Irish Republicanism, 1962 to 1972 by Sean Swan – who by the by I’ve never met, has anyone? Any takers? I’ve read it piecemeal once and would very much be interested in reading it again. We could take it bit by bit, throw in some thoughts on his thoughts? I know it’s not fiction but it is a topic of interest to many of us here.

Meanwhile just finished Le Carré’s The Looking Glass War. Coincidentally at the weekend in the Guardian there was a piece on the lack of working class characters in espionage fiction. It’s a so so article, but the point isn’t incorrect and that’s very evident in Le Carré, but worse again is the fact that every woman character bar none is portrayed in the most negative terms. I’ve always liked Len Deighton despite his rightward inclinations, but really his portrayal of non English middle class and upper middle class characters is a breath of fresh air by contrast.


1. Gearóid - May 16, 2017

I must admit, I love Le Carré’s novels. But this:

“every woman character bar none is portrayed in the most negative terms”

Spot on. His depiction of the diplomat’s wife in A Constant Gardener, her inner thoughts, was particularly cringey.


WorldbyStorm - May 16, 2017

It’s like he doesn’t get the reality of interior lives, or worse doesn’t think much of those interior lives.

I think it’s a generational and class thing. Some of his thoughts on class in the novel I mention are troubling.


2. Michael Carley - May 16, 2017

I’m a hundred or so pages into Varoufakis’ memoir of the troika laying waste to Greece: very revealing, but he could have done with an editor to trim it down a bit.

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3. Aengus Millen - May 16, 2017

I’d be interested in reading the book on the officials my thesis will incorporate the beginning of the officials at the end so it would actually encourage me to do my work I guess lol.


4. roddy - May 16, 2017

Best begin in 1970 then.


5. FergusD - May 17, 2017

Just finished “A Line in the Sand” by James Barr, about the carve up of the Miidle East between the wars. Also covers events involving the creation of Israel. Fascinating. Perfidious Albion or what! Also the French. Both determined on an imperial grab, unscrupulous and violent. The fall out is still being felt today.

The various deals/double deals with Zionists are astonishing, both by the Brits and French. Some of the deals Zionist groups made, or tried to make, were incredible. The terrorist violence of the Irgun and Stern gang, and Hagganah, seems to be forgotten, against Arabs and the British, and other Jews.

Well worth a read.

Another one:

The_Shadow_of_the_Great_Game by Narendra Singh Sarila, not a new book, about the partition of India. Perfidious Albion again! Even as a an anti-imperialist it shocked me, like the other book. Churchill features in both. The arch-imperialist. Sadly I managed to lose this book while travelling so I haven’t finished it.


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