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Brexit woes… redux May 17, 2017

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Meant to post this up last week but Tom McGurk was unusually critical of the British in relation to Brexit in the second last edition of the SBP. Indeed he was scathing.

Brexiteers seem to have no real understanding of the vast complexities involved in separating Britain from the EU. Like tabloid headline writers, they think its just simple political surgery, cutting away the British landmass form continental Europe. What they don’t seem to understand is that, after 45 years of symbiotic growth into the same economic and political entity [steady on there Tom – wbs] they’re actually trying to hack off one organic part of the EU from the rest of the corpus.

I think he overstates matters politically. But not economically.

He continues:

As if leaving Europe [sic] were not radical enough, within days Britain had decided to leave both the single market and the customs union as well. Apart from the enormous difficulties this creates for establishing new trading links, this action also disempowered Britain because it meant it has to negotiate a new trade deal if it can with the EU.

All true. Interesting to see him so exercised by the actions of what he has called our ‘natural’ ‘mothership’. And he doesn’t hold back. May he accuses of ‘hooliganism’. All true too. Though hardly unexpected. And he’s right too in arguing this is potentially catastrophic for this island.

Anyhow, he is dubious about the EU’s statements on Ireland and the GFA etc. Perhaps rightly so. But what about this?

There is another good question for Monsieuer Barnier to answer. Apparently amid growing concern that Britain will be unable to reach a deal in reasonable time it is believed that his team has drawn up a transitional plan B. This has Britain temporarily becoming a member of the EFTA.

And he ponders whether what might be a transitional arrangement offering the UK access to the single market on less good terms than now might also allow for a longer term option as it bedded down. I’d be all for that. It is entirely within the letter of the Brexit referendum, as well as the spirit while maintaining some links. But hold on, am I wrong in thinking this won’t satisfy the demands from the UK to have stringent control over freedom of movement? So how does that work?


1. benmadigan - May 17, 2017

do the EFTA nations want to have the UK as a member? has anyone asked them?They didn’t seem to last year but I don’t know if their views have changed in the intervening time.

“Norway could block any UK attempt to rejoin the European Free Trade Association, the small club of nations that has access to the European single market without being part of the EU”.



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