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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Bands from Cavan May 20, 2017

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My Mother grew up in Cavan. There were no relations in Cavan , so there was never any reason to go there. My Father would call to businesses there in his trail selling around the Country and would be told stories of my Grandmother (who was a rather large lady) cycling around with the “Bike bent in two under her” (that was the polite version). Still the Cavan connection helped him there I’m sure. One day though in the 70’s we all piled in the car to go up to Cavan to see a performance of the musical “Salad Days”. I still don’t know why we went and I can’t remember the show. Although my mother did buy an album of the soundtrack a little while later. It was the journey though that was memorable. The landmarks from my Mothers childhood being pointed out as we went along. The stories we’d heard growing up being given added context. There were detours taken to include this place and that, Cavan Town and the house they lived there, the place where my Grandfather worked. School, the Church, the house where my Mother and Aunt killed rats with spades. (There was a drain under the back step, my mother would pour boiling water in one end, the rats would run out the other end and my aunt would kill them with a spade! ) Simpler times, “we made our own entertainment then…..”
Shops were passed , memories were told, the Protestant Sweet shop she used to sneak into as it had the best sweets, Was caught once and told not to go back. The invisible walls caused by religion and class. Houses were passed , family names given, little histories of what became of some of the occupants……
I saw Lisa O’Neill play recently and mesmerised by her voice I wondered where she was from. She was from Cavan.
Brendan Perry of Dead Can Can Dance lived in Cavan for years (may still do). The Strypes are from Cavan. The Would Be’s were another Cavan band best known for their debut single “I’m Hardly Ever Wrong”.
Probably a good lot of Country n Irish singers from Cavan too… but I’m not going there 🙂


1. WorldbyStorm - May 20, 2017

I like the way you get Dead Can Dance in there. I always think of the Would Be’s as the one that got away. Great songs.

Great post.

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2. roddy - May 20, 2017

What about “the green and lovely lanes of Killeshandra”!


irishelectionliterature - May 20, 2017

Very good Roddy!!!


3. GW - May 21, 2017

Ah Cavan, so long since I was there.


4. roddy - May 21, 2017

What have Monaghan and a pregnant cow got in common? They’re both very near CAVAN!

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