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UFO story… May 20, 2017

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I’ve mentioned before how I love pseudo-science. When I was a kid growing up in the late 60s and 1970s my father who took an odd interest in the then counter-culture wound up with both science fiction and pseudo-science titles. The latter, in fairness, was probably borne of a lifelong involvement in Irish archaeology on his part – he certainly never took any of it seriously, but it also served to inoculate me from such stuff. And yet, I still find it all fascinating. Perhaps because it speaks of something about human psychology. I’ve read Von Danikan, Velikovsky, etc, etc. All the way up to more recent stuff like Hancock. Frankly I don’t believe a word of it, but it entertains on some level and I can see how comforting it could be for people.

I could I guess even make a case that the current era is testament to a time when pseudo-science reigns in so many odd ways, from Trump on out. Climate change denial, fake news, what have you. All of it is, in ways, so recognisable. And again that comforting aspect is there too. Much easier to trust one D. Trump than have to grapple with the complexities of automation or rising sea levels or changing societies?

Anyhow, my father was at one point a navigator with Alitalia and a number of other airlines in the 60s – not a bad gig for someone who started out as a national school teacher (though he returned to that later). And he was always interested in aviation. So that – presumably was another point where pseudo-science and UFO’s impacted on him.

He saw one too, himself and his friends, when at an airfield in the midlands in the 1970s. It was multicoloured, cigar shaped and fairly static in the sky. Someone there took a light plane up after it but it had disappeared by the time they gained any height. There was no sign of it on radar, according to him (I’ve wondered about that subsequently, what radar would have picked it up, Dublin Airport?).

He figured it was most likely some sort of unusual atmospheric condition, and – assuming the tale was true – I’d tend to agree. Funnily enough I told the creature the story the other day and she was fascinated. I recognised that fascination too. It’s the ‘I don’t believe it but wouldn’t it be great if it was a spaceship/transdimensional vehicle/something else unusual?’.

Meanwhile thanks to Joe M for forwarding the above youtube video which brought back a lot of memories during the week.


1. Martin Maloney - May 21, 2017

Honestly – pseudo UFO science is my guiltiest of guilty pleasures… Ancient Aliens and the mad hair bloke and all.


2. WorldbyStorm - May 21, 2017

I’m glad I’m not alone.


3. E C - May 21, 2017

I had a Reader’s Digest Mysteries of the Unexplained book when I was small, many years ago. UFOs, missing persons, it was a spiritual forefather to the Internet really. Your daughter’s reaction to it mirrored mine when watching the Olympics last year, esp the cycling velodrome events. Fun even if you don’t really believe one bit of it

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WorldbyStorm - May 21, 2017

That’s it. Of course there is an obsessive aspect to it and some people are seriously gulled by it. But in general I think asit’s fun. There’s a great book about it too called Dark White which as you say looks at the phenomenon and I think kind of gets it pretty much right.


4. CL - May 22, 2017

“Contact in the Desert, an event billed as the largest UFO conference and festival in the world, runs May 19-22 at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center….
Astronomer Jacques Vallee, consultant to Bigelow Aerospace, will speak at Contact in the Desert.


5. CL - May 22, 2017

“The star often called the most mysterious in the galaxy has begun darkening again. Scientists are now rushing to watch the event with as many telescopes as they can muster to attempt to understand what is causing its bewildering fluctuations of light.”


WorldbyStorm - May 22, 2017



Michael Carley - May 23, 2017
6. yourcousin - May 23, 2017

If folks are looking for a guilty pleasures along these lines might I suggest folks check out the Astonishing Legends podcast. I found it a year ago and have been hooked ever since. At the time I heard them described as the Click and Clack (a National Public Radio reference for folks not living here) of the paranormal and they never fail to entertain.


yourcousin - May 23, 2017

“Them” being the hosts of the podcast.


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