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What we are reading and the CLR book club Week 21, May 2017 May 23, 2017

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No love for the suggestion we read Sean Swan’s work on the Officials? Really? I’m a bit amazed.

Meanwhile I’m on to the third book in the Europe sequence by Dave Hutchinson.

Pretty good, and weirdly apposite after Brexit, particularly a cold open that plays neatly with the readers expectations. Apparently another is on the way but I have the feeling that to date the second was the best so far.

More seriously, or less, I’ve been dipping in and out of How Music Got Free. Anyone else read that?


1. yourcousin - May 23, 2017

Even if we pick another book I think I’m going to give Swan’s book another read and post up some thoughts on it. I always felt it never received the attention it deserved. I guarantee if read this book there will be an active thread.


aidan (@amaodhan) - May 24, 2017

Any idea where one might find a copy?


yourcousin - May 24, 2017

Google it, there are a few options. More if you will accept an e copy ( I won’t). Pricier for hard cover, but both paper back and hard cover are available from a variety of sources.


2. Joe - May 23, 2017

Echoland by Joe Joyce. Dublin detective story set during the Emergency. Nice easy read.


3. oliverbohs - May 24, 2017

When Music Got Free a decent enough read though its shaggy-dog style wouldn’t be for everyone. A magazine article stretched out


WorldbyStorm - May 24, 2017

I’d agree completely. It’s kind of thin for the actual length of it and there’s an over focus on too few stories. I also wonder at its accuracy. What did you think?


4. Liberius - May 26, 2017

Reading Istemi by Alexei Nikitin at the moment, getting near the end now. Very much like the low-key nature of the book, which given the premise of a group of students interaction with the KGB in 1980’s Ukraine and the consequences of that twenty years later I wasn’t expecting. It’s not top-draw, but certainly worth a read, especially as it’s a svelte 150 pages.

I picked it up in Chapters for €4.99, when I was there last week it seemed there were still a few copies, probably at the same price.


5. What we are reading and the CLR book club Week 21, May 2017 – carouselclub2017 - May 26, 2017

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