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Candidates for FG… May 25, 2017

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I imagine we all agree that there’s not much between the FG candidates. But what minuscule differences there are… well reading this doesn’t give any grounds for optimism as regards the front-runner.

But a broader thought is that there’s something hugely depressing about the way both of the contenders are privately educated, middle class and upper middle class. Fintan O’Toole’s piece this last weekend was perhaps a little irritating, not least because he seems to see Macron et al as positive role models, but he wasn’t far wrong about Varadkar and Coveney being just perfect for those who own houses or can give themselves a leg-up out of the health system…

And just on that, I loathe the following rhetoric from the former…

“Fine Gael will be the party that represents those who get up early in the morning, work hard and want more for their children and their community. We will work to create a country with sound public finances, where work, talent, enterprise and inventiveness are rewarded and individual freedom and liberty are respected.”

Add that to the stuff about public sector strikes etc… just what are we looking at here?


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