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Speaking of leadership contests May 25, 2017

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I had to smile at the report in the lead story in the SBP at the weekend at the complaint from Coveney supporters that:

…a number of FG politicians have double-crossed the Minister for Housing by rowing back on earlier promises to endorse his campaign.


“A lot of people who he thought were in his column – including people who told him so – aren’t.” one supporter said.

Can he, and his supporters, have been quite that naive?

Interestingly the SBP ponders the chances of a ‘snap’ election called by the likely leader. The thinking is that Varadkar will see FG ‘have the opportunity to get from 50 to 60 seats, so that it could form a stronger coalition government, most likely with FF’.

I was looking back at Adrian Kavanagh’s poll projections and to get 60 or thereabouts FG would have to be on 30% plus. Most recent they’ve been on 28% or thereabouts. Not a huge ask to get in to the 30s.

But why would FF form a coalition with a newly emboldened FG? What would be in it for them? Better by far to retain the status quo of support from afar and hope matters turned in their direction. And a snap election? Well, Varadkar could do a May. It’s a risk. Perhaps he’s a risk-taker. We’ll know soon enough.


1. Dermot O Connor - May 25, 2017

Christ, the Coveenies are an embarrassing shower. Their main bone of complaint seems to be “Horrible Leo, you can’t trust him – he planned to win the leadership election, and executed that plan with military precision”!


A FG leader who actually wants to, y’know, WIN an election? Not just cobble together a makeshift sinecure? But actually bulldoze his enemies?

Perish the thought.

When Lemass described FG’ers as “a nicer, more harmless bunch of men you couldn’t hope to meet” he was describing the Coven stripe of that party to a T.

FF are shatting themselves over V; they can tell the difference.


CL - May 25, 2017

The Lemass quote was, I believe, about the Labour Party. No faction of FG is ‘harmless’.


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