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Meanwhile… ‘secure jobs and pensions’ but hold on, what of those without ‘secure jobs and pensions’? May 26, 2017

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I mentioned Stephen Collins warm words about Varadkar. But what of this, from the same piece?

In Ireland some of the most negative voices, at least on the airwaves, come from representatives of the various public-sector groups who have secure jobs and pensions, while the voices of the majority of workers who don’t have these advantages are not heard with the same regularity.

It never seems to strike Collins to ask himself why that majority of workers – of which I am one myself, being on contract to the PS – don’t have those ‘advantages’. Could it be because their employers don’t bother to underwrite pensions and offer security? Sure could! What is Collins arguing should ameliorate their situation? We all – I am certain – would like to hear his answer to that question.


1. EWI - May 26, 2017

‘Concern troll says concern-troll-y things’.

Can anyone point to a single instance of Collins lamenting pensions provision in any context other than as an excuse to target state employees, or get lower taxes/bigger taxbreaks for the middle class?


2. FergusD - May 26, 2017

WBS, obviously Collins thinks all PS workers should give up their pensions, and whatever limited security they have, to help all the private sector workers. Because then, obviously, private sector employers would lavish such “benefits” on their employees, because…erm. Can’t you see that?


3. DSCH - May 26, 2017

Equality of working conditions and pension provisions (or “equity” of same as Collins and his ilk would have it) means equality of misery for everyone …except for the dynamic entrepreneurial, job creating, wealth creating class etc.


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