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Red C Sunday Business Post Poll May 27, 2017

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(Mon-Fri, MoE ±3)
FG 29 +5 (/4 wks)
FF 21 -7 (!!)
SF 15 -3
Ind 14 +4
Lab 6
SD 4
IA 3 +1
SolPBP 3 -1
Green 3
Renua 1
Ors 1 +1

Big drop from FF, big jump for FG.
Was Enda holding them back, has all the leadership race publicity benefitted FG?
A few polls of continued growth for FG and we could be looking at a September Election.


1. Dermot O Connor - May 27, 2017

My money is on massive Enda fatigue. He’s not officially gone yet, and two polls have now shown FG up and FF down, previous poll was MOE, this one is not. When he is finally shunted off to his Mayo redoubt, expect another poll move from FF -> FG.

If SF drop Gerry for Mary Lou, then very unhappy days are ahead for FF!

Lab still stuck! haha! Can we elect a new people?


WorldbyStorm - May 27, 2017

That’s an interesting point re SF. New leader for them. Martin still in situ. Varadkar possibly making hay for FG. This could be messy for FF.


WorldbyStorm - May 27, 2017

By the way that move from SF downwards and that bump for Inds is very very intriguing. What could it mean?


WorldbyStorm - May 28, 2017

BTW, here’s the First Preference at 2016.

Fine Gael (25.5%)
Fianna Fáil (24.3%)
Sinn Féin (13.8%)
Labour Party (6.6%)
AAA-PBP (3.9%)
Social Democrats (3.0%)
Green Party (2.7%)
Renua Ireland (2.2%)
Independents 4 Change (1.5%)
Other (16.5%)


Dermot O Connor - May 28, 2017

There seems to be a regular churn between SF / IND. It’s a pattern that’s been happening for a while now.


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