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Star Trek Discovery May 27, 2017

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

You may have seen this. And now you can listen to this… The Incomparable podcast “Young Sexy Harry Mudd” which deconstructs it admirably.

I have to say I think it looks pretty great. And someone made a point that it may look too good, that they can’t keep that level of visual excellence going week after week.

Apparently there are complaints that it doesn’t look white or male enough. As one of the contributors to the Incomparable noted (and in the link above those on io9 also noted) clearly those complaining have no experience of… Star Trek!

Or as io9 puts it…

What sets this breed of intolerant Trekkies apart from other types of internet loudmouths, though, is how deeply incorrect their understandings of their beloved franchise’s core concepts are. Star Trek is quite literally about an organization of interstellar explorers who could not do what they do, were it not for the fact that their society is based on interplanetary cooperation and acceptance of one another.

It always, from the off, had central non-male, non-white cast members. That was one of its main features, one of its strengths – even if at first that was a limited number – Uhura and Sulu. But they were there, on the bridge of the Enterprise, from day one and it was a deliberate and important step forward.

And then as time moved on and there were new series that feature became more pronounced because again it was a strength. And eventually others woke up to this. And the society which reflected and inflected these changes changed too.

As it happens after all these years I find that TOS, DS9 and Voyager are the three I find most enjoyable. I would actually slightly prefer Enterprise these days over TNG. Just slightly, and not in relation to the first two seasons of Enterprise which were pretty poor.

But it’s an odd time. There is a Star Trek film franchise which functions reasonably well – but the TV show sounds like it will be a bit of an additional add-on. Perhaps not. Let’s hope so. If it can retain the scale on display here…

(by the way, great comment on io9… “Can we all just start pointing and laughing whenever anyone uses the term “white genocide?”” +1).


1. An Sionnach Fionn - May 27, 2017

Jaysus, those complaints are like a variation the old Belfast joke.

Q: Are you White or Black?
A: I’m an Extra-Terrestrial Alien!
Q: Ah yeah, but are you a White Extra-Terrestrial Alien or a Black Extra-Terrestrial Alien?


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2. ivorthorne - May 27, 2017

Looks great! And I mean “looks”. Lots of rumours of behind the scenes chaos.

Enterprise had some of the best and worst episodes. DS9 was probably the most satisfying. I find TOS to be mostly curious. Voyager was good but failed to live up to its premise. TNG had a great cast, some good stories etc. but would have benefited from a more long form approach.

Discovery will piss people off. It’s aesthetic is hard to reconcile with the fact that it’s 10 years before TOS, but you can handwave that. The prominence of women and POC being a problem with some fans is hard to reconcile with the fact that every Star Trek series has always had a pretty diverse cast. This one steps it up a gear even if it’s confusing why most of Star Fleet is made up of Americans in the future.


WorldbyStorm - May 27, 2017

Would agree entirely. Particularly your second paragraph overview.

Yeah, Fuller walked didn’t he from the project. All very odd. .


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