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What a crew… May 29, 2017

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From UKIPs press conference… they forget what the first two initials of their name stand for…

The heckles from Ukip supporters began even before the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg had finished asking her question. “Fake BBC news!”, “Get back down your hole!” and “Learn to speak English!” Talking with a Scottish accent is now a proscribed act of liberal multiculturalism for some Kippers. Keep English for the English.

Vile and amateurish.

By the way… check out their policies…

The manifesto pledges a “one in, one out” migration policy, forced FGM screening for girls and a burqa ban, justified partly because it would boost women’s vitamin D.
UKIP would ban new immigrants using the NHS for five years and introduce blue passports, referendums on big issues every two years and a bank holiday on June 23 called Independence Day.
It would also ban suspected ISIS fighters from re-entering Britain, cut foreign aid from 0.7% to 0.2% of GDP, scrap the House of Lords, cut tax for £55,000 earners, pump £11billion into the NHS and scrap VAT on takeaways.


1. Lamentreat - May 29, 2017

Shite and shambolic. Their softer support melts away, revealing the BNP/NF core in all its glory.


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