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Public sector wages… May 30, 2017

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Stephen Kinsella had a piece in the SBP recently about public sector wages which is unusually sympathetic. Not entirely – this is the SBP, this is S. Kinsella, but much more so than might be expected. And he makes two excellent points and one that is more questionable. For the latter he argues that tenure should be taken more into account in such negotiations. I’m unsure about that. How can one quantify it? How should it be quantified? And there’s always the suspicion that if push came to shove security of tenure would be a disposable commodity.

As to the former, he notes that public sector wages are spent on private sector goods. As he notes ‘cutting one entails cuts to the other’. Secondly he makes a crucial point made here only this week in response to another piece on the same topic.

Workers should look forward to a long retirement pad for by their work and by their employers. This should be true regardless of whether they work in the private secotr of the public sector… the real discussion should be why so many in the private sector have no pensions, and no relative security of tenure. 

Spot on.


1. Public sector wages… – carouselclub2017 - May 30, 2017
2. EWI - May 30, 2017

‘Security of tenure’ means nothing to the many temporary staff in the state sector.


crocodileshoes - May 30, 2017

it doesn’t pay any bills either. It may, of course, be used as a means of accumulating more debt.


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