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What you want to say – 31st May, 2017 May 31, 2017

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As always, following on Dr. X’s suggestion, it’s all yours, “announcements, general discussion, whatever you choose”, feel free.


1. Tomboktu - May 31, 2017


Joe - May 31, 2017

Great find. We need ads on the buses now.


WorldbyStorm - May 31, 2017



2. ewolc - June 1, 2017

My own examination of disability welfare fraud statistics that appear in the media (including social media) found huge errors http://www.dublininquirer.com/2017/05/30/chris-beware-bungled-and-exaggerated-welfare-fraud-stats/


3. Ghandi - June 1, 2017

Dowdall gets 12 years his father 8


Joe - June 1, 2017

Jeebus. Long sentences.


4. GW - June 2, 2017

Am I the only one to find the condemnation of Trump by other leaders of governments-for-capital over withdrawing from the Paris agreement on climate change more than a little aggravating?

Firstly the sanctionable content of the Paris agreement is virtually null.

Secondly the unsanctioned commitments (such as they are) are unlikely to prevent the positive-feedback global warming we are experiencing, and which will cause such devastation, skewed towards the parts of the world least able to adapt.

A typical Obama ‘achievement’.

A capitalist world system can never deliver the massive infrastructural turn-around we need to hold warming to 2 degrees K this century. How could a system based on system short-termism and individual accumulation of capital ever deliver such an outcome?

Much of Trump’s appeal rested / rests if the fact that yes, he’s a shit, but at least he’s in some ways honestly a shit.


5. sonofstan - June 6, 2017

Unintended Consequences ……..

From this interview with Bill Curbishley, manager of the Who and Judas Priest

we’re not sure about this Dutch band [Golden Earring]. I said to MCA: listen, they’re great live and they’re playing the Lyceum in London, supporting someone else – come along and see them.

We get to the venue on the night, and there’s an IRA bomb scare. Everyone’s kicked out of the theatre, and they’re searching it for two hours. We go back in, and there’s nobody from MCA there. I thought, shit.

I phoned up MCA the next morning and said: ‘Where were you?’ They said, ‘We couldn’t get anywhere near that venue for the crowds! We’ve got to sign this band!’ And as a result they had a huge album.

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6. Gerryboy - June 6, 2017

Bob Dylan’s delayed recorded Nobel Prize lecture is here:


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