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What a difference a month makes June 1, 2017

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For my sins I still subscribe to Prospect. And Tom Clark, late of the Guardian, is now the editor of that august publication. David Goodhart, once editor at large or some such, is no longer listed as being involved, though it is mentioned that he was a co-founder.

Anyhow, the print edition arrived in the mail yesterday and it’s interesting to compare and contrast with the website. In print one is treated to “A Strange Rebirth of Tory England” by Geoffrey Wheatcroft and the ‘May Mandate’. A pull quote is as follows:

The Tories enjoy their present success because there is no credible opposition and no one is offering an alternative.

Meanwhile one will read Helen Pidd of the Guardian writing about ‘A Crumbling Heartland: Away from the biggest cities, the north can no longer be relied to deliver landslide Labour victories – or even narrow ones’.

By contrast the website has taken a slightly different direction: “This week, Corbyn proved that Labour finally stands for something” and so on.

In fairness, who saw all this coming? And as always there are deep structural problems that the LP cannot overcome at this point, or so it would seem. But there is no longer the sense of an existential crisis for the BLP. That’s something. It genuinely is.


1. EWI - June 1, 2017

Amazingly enough, presenting an alternative turns out to be like garlic to the TINA vampires. Who knew?


2. ivorthorne - June 1, 2017

The problem is that most of those commentators and experts look to Blair as the template for the leader and platform that will generate a new “credible opposition”. It’s what happens as you grow older: you see your limited lifetime experience as disproportionately indicative of the nature of the world.

For many, Corbyn was echoing policies that were mainstream within Labour at a time when Labour had limited electoral success. Blair marked a change in Labour’s electoral fortunes.

They ignore the context in which those policies were presented. In both cases, perhaps what is important in presenting an appealing message for Labour is that the message marks a change from the last time they were perceived to have governed poorly.

I see Alister Campbell tweeted he did not know who won the debate but TM lost. His ilk have insisted for so long that JC is unelectable (even though they sort of agree with him) that he struggles to admit he was incorrect even as the polls and ratings he’s so obsessed with prove him wrong. Confirmation bias is a terrible thing.


WorldbyStorm - June 1, 2017

Very true, and it reeks of fighting the last war.


3. GW - June 1, 2017

Excellent – now Corbyn is taking the fight to the area ‘wot will win it’ for the Tories (probably) – namely Brexit.

If he can convince enough Brexiters that:

1) the most likely outcome is that the Brits will crash out without a deal under a May governmenl – IMO certainly the case –


2) that that will lead to major damage

then he might yet get over the line.


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