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Our new leader… June 2, 2017

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Leo Varadkar.

Leo Varadkar takes 51 of 73 votes from the Parliamentary Party and will become the next leader of Fine Gael.

Interesting that the membership were 65% for Coveney. That may not be as pyrrhic for him as it seems. If Varadkar doesn’t deliver a bounce for FG or underperforms there’s clearly an option waiting in the wings. No wonder Coveney looked pleased going into the Mansion House this afternoon.


1. sonofstan - June 2, 2017

Under BLP rules, he’d be leader – their Corbyn 🙂

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2. damonmatthewwise - June 2, 2017

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/mary-robinson-rogue-state-paris_us_59318952e4b02478cb9aed6e?ncid=inblnkushpmg00000009 Mary Robinson has just reported that Trump trying to leave the Paris Agreement is making the USA a Rogue state # And here’s to you Mrs. Robinson #

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3. Tawdy - June 2, 2017

The only difference with Verucca will be the severity.


4. crocodileshoes - June 2, 2017

FG has over twice as many members in Munster as it does in Dublin. Leo was never going to carry the membership.

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5. sonofstan - June 3, 2017
carouselclub2017 - June 3, 2017

Very few in politics truly define their actual position & veer away from taking a stand on any non populist issue. Given the huge role class plays in our society we veer towards Dublin Bay neo Socialism. Very few party leaders live in the areas they represent on these islands. Far too many who claim to be “Socialist” have zero social skills & Sartre’s ” hell is other people” could be their mantra.


6. 6to5against - June 3, 2017

I think we should be grateful to FG for clarifying that – for them – class prejudice trumps all of their other prejudices….


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