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Raining on the FG parade… June 2, 2017

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A neat bit of mythos deconstruction from Vincent Browne here in the IT recently in regard to Fine Gael and its self-image. He notes that:

[LV] writes: “I joined Fine Gael when I was 17 years old [he was born in 1979, so this was in 1996] not because anyone encouraged me but because I was inspired by its vision for Ireland and its unshakeable integrity.”
The year 1996 happens to have been the year when Fine Gael’s “unshakable integrity” was found out. It was the year that one of the most influential ministers in John Bruton’s government and party, Michael Lowry, had to resign after scrutiny of his tax affairs. It was the year when Lowry secured the award of the second mobile phone licence for Denis O’Brien, who was facilitating Michael Lowry to the tune of £1 million, according to the Moriarty tribunal.
It was the time when Fine Gael got a dodgy campaign contribution that was later ping-ponged between Fine Gael, Telenor and a deceased third party. It was around the time when Fine Gael was found to have been engaged itself in tax fraud by paying some of its employees “under the counter” and when the party facilitated VAT fraud in the notorious “pick-me-up” scheme (donors paying for campaign expenditure directly and then claiming back the VAT on those contributions).

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear…

Though Browne is equally scathing on how Varadkar’s supposed programme is even more flaithulach than ‘the lefts’ offering multiple gifts to everyone in the audience without a word of how any of this will be paid.

Today we will know who is the new leader of FG and Taoiseach of this state. Useful to have a sense of how that person sees the history of FG and so on…


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