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More incompetence June 4, 2017

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Trump’s incontinent tweets about Mayor Sadiq Khan and his naked opportunism in trying to shoehorn the attacks in London last night into a pro-gun, pro-ban, narrative are appalling in themselves. That they’re deeply misleading is almost taken as read. That is, after all, his stock in trade. But it does betray something about what sort of person he is that at a time like this he would act in this way. Sometimes it is difficult to quite comprehend just how odd his Presidency and his administration is. But not today, not after all that.

Meanwhile, just on that more broadly, from the host of Foreign Policy’s The Editor’s Roundtable… surveying the fallout, not from what Trump said in the Oval Office, oh no, that hadn’t broken at this stage. Nope, just the Comey story. 

There’s something else that’s core to this… these guys are just terrible at governing… they’re just really really bad at it… David was talking about how they didn’t think there was going to be blowback on this thing [firing Comey]. They didn’t seed the clouds with Republicans to help them out and they didn’t come up with a replacement that might help their case better – they didn’t lay the groundwork and every single day they do something that just shows you probably shouldn’t elect a bunch of people who don’t know how to run the government who then surround themselves with other people who don’t know how to run the government because you’re going to end up with a complete shitshow in the White House that blows up every day in some new way.

Another contributor noted:

There’s elements of incompetence and conspiracy where there are factions in the administration undermining each other and that are all racing to have the ear of the President and somehow follow up on some crazy tweet of his.

The President himself is completely undisciplined and rather unhinged and as a result they’re not functioning very well. And meanwhile there are hundreds and hundreds of national security positions they still haven’t filled. They’re not good at it.

Four more years of this stuff? Can it be?
Then again, all the talk about impeachment strikes me as absurd. At least as matters now stand.


Reading this from Suzanne Lynch in the IT about the means by which Trump might be deposed after his latest absurd mess the thought strikes that that is all very well, but if as she suggests his fate is in the hands of Republicans in Congress and the Senate, why precisely would they want shot of him?

For it seems to me that he might play a very useful role for them given he is of but not necessarily in the Republican Party and a damaged Trump is one who is more likely to bend to their will in relation to a range of policy areas.

Granted that can only go so far. If he becomes too damaged… well, that’s another story. But then they have a Plan B in place with Vice-President Pence.

So, all that taken into account, why would they do anything to upset the status quo at this point?

And just on London it is notable how few Republicans have broken cover on how deeply inappropriate Trump’s tweets have been. That too tells us something.


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