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War story June 4, 2017

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This was noted in comments during the week. Matt Treacy , who some will recall wrote a book on the Communist Party of Ireland (which we publicised here at great length – such great length that key in the title alone and one will find we’re the seventh link on google after history Ireland and Amazon and MUP but before Oxford Journals and Jstor) is in the process of publishing a memoir of his time in the IRA. The Sunday Independent has a long piece on the latter – breathlessly announcing that as an ‘aide he was active in IRA while he worked in Dáil for SF’. Though he himself is quoted as saying that:

“…he was in the organisation’s Dublin Brigade for 30 years until it was disbanded in 2005.”


Treacy, from Dublin, joined the IRA in the 1980s and was part of an IRA “intelligence unit” that took over a flat opposite Garda headquarters on Harcourt Street to photograph members of the Garda’s special branch. He was charged after the flat was raided and went on the run for two years after being released on bail. He was re-arrested in 1990 and served his time in jail.

Ironically – perhaps, for the Independent newspaper group…

He says he returned to IRA activities in 1997, first doing “low-level intelligence” then as recruitment officer for the Dublin Brigade. At the time he was studying at Trinity College and claims he worked shifts in the Irish Independent’s advertising department. He concealed his republican activities from students and colleagues.

The political implications, I presume from the Independent’s point of view, are that allegedly the IRA reached right into the heart of Leinster House in the 1990s and 2000s. Though why that is news is anyone’s guess since few would have thought otherwise.

As wiki notes:

In September 2008, the Independent Monitoring Commission stated in its nineteenth report that the IRA was “committed to the political path” and was no longer “a threat to peace or to democratic politics”. It concluded that the IRA as an organization was being allowed to wither away and was “beyond recall”: it had disbanded its military departments, stopped recruiting or training members, lost its military capability, and the Army Council was “no longer operational”. The report also said that the IRA is not involved in any criminal activity, but that some members have engaged in criminal activity without the sanction or support of the organization.[34][35]

Yet the Independent continues to act as if none of the above had happened. As if disbandment had occurred prior to that and as if it was an huge surprise that allegedly persons involved in the IRA might find their way into Leinster House.


1. EWI - June 4, 2017

Ironically – perhaps, for the Independent newspaper group…

Not at all ironic. The ‘Independent’ was reputedly started with IRB money during the Parnellite era, and quite a number of employees (not least Fred Allan, a Supreme Council member) were of that persuasion. The DMP dutifully noted the customary holding of IRB meetings in the Indo’s premises during that period, which convinced them that the Redmonds (who were managing the paper towards the end) were Fenians themselves.

What’s ‘ironic’ is that you’re more likely to find direct or indirect recipients of British secret service money working there over the past thirty years.


2. War story – carouselclub2017 - June 4, 2017
3. shea - June 4, 2017

The phenomenon of IRAphobia has spread to England in their election now as well.

Are pr people and election strategists the 21st century Spailpin Fanach?


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