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Pathetic June 6, 2017

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Boris Johnson’s speech today.

As the Guardian notes:

[it was] classically propagandist, conflating charges that are exaggerated, or untrue, with those that are well founded, to create a pungent mix.


Some of Johnson’s charges were unfair to the point of being untrue. He claimed that Corbyn did not support police shooting marauding terrorists, as happened on Saturday night, but this is based on a wilful misinterpretation of the (admittedly, badly phrased) interview Corbyn gave to the BBC in November, which produced a report judged inaccurate by the BBC Trust. (Corbyn did say that he was “not happy with a shoot-to-kill policy in general”, but he seemed to have in mind Northern Ireland-style state assassination and was not saying he disapproved of armed intervention to save lives.)


Johnson’s point about Corbyn voting against the 1989 Security Services Act, that put MI5 on a statutory footing, is correct – you can read the Hansard here – but the entire Labour party voted against the bill, and not because they wanted to abolish MI5, but because the party had technical objections to the way the legislation was drafted. And Corbyn and Abbott did vote against banning al-Qaeda, but it was an order banning 20 other organisations too, and leftwingers thought that some of those groups were unfairly included.

Whether the Guardian is correct that he ‘sympathised’ with Hamas is open to question. But here’s another Johnson quote:

The trouble is young people these days – I’m 52 – do not remember nationalisation. They don’t remember soviet communism. They don’t even remember socialism. We don’t want it back in this country. It would be an absolute disaster.

So nationalisation = soviet communism? Really?


1. irishelectionliterature - June 6, 2017

They can print what they like the day before an election and know that there are no consequences …


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