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Who did the Guardian back over the years at UK GE’s? June 6, 2017

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This is fascinating – to me. A round up of Guardian editorials endorsing parties at UK general elections over the 20th century. I’m surprised, though I don’t know on reflection why I would be, at how often the Guardian has supported whatever incarnation of the Liberals was about. It’s certainly an eye-opener how liberal oriented the paper has been and suggests that our perspectives of it as a left paper are distorted by the 70s and 80s (when it was also arguing for Labour and Liberals or LDs in whatever combinations were available).

It certainly explains a lot – though suggests too how credulous it could be in relation to those incarnations of the Liberals. 2010 springs to mind.


1. Pasionario - June 6, 2017

The other consistent message here is the need for Labour and the Liberals to work together and unite the centre-left. Dare I say that was Tony Blair’s one good idea.

It’s not just about electoral arithmetic. The Liberals have an historic commitment to upholding civil liberties that Labour lacks (remember it was Labour that ramped up “securitisation” in the North).

A Labour government with a Liberal Home Secretary would be the best of all possible worlds.


GW - June 7, 2017

And Brexit? How would they square very divergent views on that elephant taking up most of the room?


Pasionario - June 7, 2017

By going for a soft Brexit that preserves single market access and freedom of movement in most cases. Maybe throw in a second referendum on the final deal.


GW - June 7, 2017

It was an honest question – and yes – the Lib Dems and the SNP might wear that.

Unfortunately I suspect the possibility will be consigned counterfactual history on Friday.

Let me be proved wrong on the Internet!


2. carouselclub2017 - June 6, 2017

At one time The Guardian sold very well in Ireland in the CP Scott editorship era. Later editors in the confusion & chaos of the post WW2 world held various viewpoints. The Guardian in the 1960s had a galaxy of star journalists who were superb & I can think of few today. By letting journalism be hijacked by the academic gurus the average hack standard has dipped. Labour is itself a coalition of many diverse groups & has always had various wings. In the northern conflict Roy Mason went for a total security policy & that could happen again. Corbyn himself has to show his real cards & being in opposition is light years is the easy part of any political career. In my life many a dove became a hawk under pressure & labels or mantras were cast aside.


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