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Call them out on it… June 9, 2017

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A very interesting overview of the alt-right in the Guardian. But this really resonated with me…

The best response is to stubbornly take the “alt-right” at their word. Angela Nagle’s book about the “alt-right”, Kill All Normies, is released next month. She says that for the “alt-right”, online irony “is a mechanism for undermining the confidence of their critics”.
“The thing that people have to realize is that it isn’t that complicated. We know what they believe in, and if you say that you’re ‘alt-right’, presumably you believe in those things too.”


“Journalists should be saying, ‘I don’t want to talk about Pepe memes and hand signs. Tell me what are the limits of what you’re prepared to do’. We should force them to talk about what they really stand for.”

The comments section are much as you’d expect, no end of alt-righters piling in. And of course no end of whining about how the left is x, y and z in childish terms.

But one thoughtful contribution notes that a lot of the fluff has gone and ‘Judging by the comments there [on Breitbart], they are pretty much done with chasing away more moderate (but still very right-wing) views….Nowadays it’s 95% shock blog because the true believers have grown numb and felt the need to step up radicalism. It is now anti-female / anti-any-race / anti-europe / anti-china, anti everything.’

And that’s interesting, the sense that upping the ante is the only way to go. Of course for ‘movements’ that are largely, though far from exclusively internet-based that’s almost a given. How else to prosper (according to their own rather narrow definition of the term).


1. EWI - June 9, 2017

And that’s interesting, the sense that upping the ante is the only way to go.

Well, it’s not as if there isn’t precedent for seeing how they’ll jump. The rightwing need to escalate, to constantly seek the next enemy led to the Final Solution, not so long ago.


2. Starkadder - June 9, 2017

Breitbart seems to be in trouble now, with the extreme views that attracted people to it now proving toxic to the websites’ advertisers:



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