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Colour story June 10, 2017

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I found the above oddly compelling. I’ve no particular hang-ups about colourisation – after all, if you don’t like it there’s the originals or the ability to turn down the colour on a computer or whatever. But it’s odd how much seeing these images brings them into the present. And then there’s a flattening effect of black and white photography. That’s not a flaw in any sense, but it is an aspect, or even a feature for some.

In any event – this reminds me of the old trope in art and design college about how photography had supposedly rendered fine art painting redundant. I always found that an odd argument as if photography was ever any less subjective than paint. All means of representation are a lie – right down to our own sense of sight which even at its most immediate is a picture of the world as it was a fraction of a second ago when the light entered our eyes and was processed by our brains, rather than as it is.

So, of course, immediacy is an illusion if we consider it as something objective. Rather these are, as with the originals, impressions.


1. EWI - June 10, 2017

Photography itself is only an interpretation. You only need to look at the political use of unflattering photographs to see this.


2. Gerryboy - June 11, 2017

A very interesting video. I’m also neither for nor against colourisation of old b/w photos, but the starkness of WW1 trench photos, Depression poverty shots and Auschwitz atrocity photos probably teaches harsh historical realities better to young people. From an aesthetic point of view the best of b/w photographs play so skilfully with light and shadow that I wouldn’t like to see the ‘eye’ of photographers distorted. Photography is a hard hitting art a lot of the time. It has a wider social viewing than visual art in galleries.


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