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Pat Nevins’ Record Collection….. June 11, 2017

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As we take in the UK Election results……
Lovely piece with Pat Nevin about his Record Collection and more. One of the more cerebral footballers and commentators.
Some good taste in music too.


1. Lamentreat - June 11, 2017

Brilliant piece, really interesting. This alone…

“I didn’t have a great interest in [football]. I didn’t go and watch it a lot – my love of it was artistic, so I was a Chelsea player but I’d go and watch Spurs and stand on The Shelf [the infamous old terrace frequented by the Spurs hardcore, Ed] every Wednesday night to watch Ossie Ardiles, Micky Hazard and Glenn Hoddle. I’ve never been very tribal about football, but I am about music.”

…is enough to mark him out as a rare bird among footballers.


2. roddy - June 12, 2017

Unfortunately he overlooks the fact that John Peel was extremely “dodgy” .Peel’s “right on” status seems to have shielded him from the outrage rightly directed at others.


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