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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week June 11, 2017

Posted by Garibaldy in Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week.

Ruth Dudley Edwards clearly misreading the British response to the DUP

The DUP are not popular in Britain, for most people still associate them with the religious fundamentalism they are fast sloughing off, and self-styled progressives will be making much of their opposition to abortion and gay marriage.

While they’re not hated – as Sinn Fein are by those who loathe the IRA and its apologists – they are seen as old-fashioned and provincial and just as prone as republicans to hold out the begging bowl. They now have a chance to show themselves as better than their image, which will make it easier for them to influence policy.

Looking at much of the commentary on the DUP, one might suggest there are millions who do hate them.

Dan O’Brien has been thinking about the implications of Brexit, and attitudes in Britain to it.

Hard Brexiteers and passionate pro-Europeans make up small minorities. Most British people do not view Europe as being particularly important, one way or the other.

The turnout for the referendum was 72% – it’s 20 years since a general election saw such a turnout. However, it gets better. Look at this

The Conservative manifesto was peppered with left-leaning commitments and favoured a greater role for the state, rather than a Singapore-style one.

Dan working overtime for us today. There’s also this

There are also a number of the policy positions proposed in the manifesto that business would not embrace. Shifting the balance of rights towards employees and away from employers is one. Another is putting up barriers to foreign capital, in the form of making mergers and acquisitions more difficult. Yet another is the high priority given to cutting immigration, which will make hiring foreign talent harder.

Yes Theresa May, champion of workers’ rights.

However, amidst tough competition, an old dependable comes good, in many different ways.

In the past 100 years, the Irish Republic has repeatedly and successfully used selective internment, censored IRA propaganda, and used special courts to protect the public.

Sinn Fein trolls single out the failure of internment in Northern Ireland – which had no cross-community support – to hide the fact that internment in the Republic not only repressed the IRA, but gave many the chance to reflect and to change their views.

British human rights activists should face the fact that potential jihadis should be locked up, not just for the public’s sake, but for their own sake and safety. Internment is just one sensible Irish solution to a British problem.


1. WorldbyStorm - June 11, 2017

Great selection. My God, that last though. Beyond parody.


2. Phil - June 11, 2017

I used to think CCOB was the ultimate object lesson in the perils of moving Right, but Eoghan is coming up on the outside.

As for British opinions of the day you pay, RDE is making the classic mistake of filling in the blanks from her own experience – i.e. she’s assuming that Brits must have some opinion of the DUP and extrapolating from there. In this house we vote Labour, read the Guardian and watch the BBC news every night, and I can assure you that up till the election I was the only one of us who even knew there were two* Unionist parties in NI, let alone which one was which. Scotland’s a bit different, but in England I’d say the population divides into Unionist expats**, British Irish (who hate the DUP), leftish politics geeks (who hate the DUP)… and the other 97% (who don’t know the DUP from a hole in the ground, but are almost certainly starting to hate them now).

*or more, yeah, I know
**There are some. Nearly got caught in an Orange march in Manchester once – flutes, lambegs, the works. That’s what I call a multicultural city…


EWI - June 11, 2017

RDE realises, like everyone else, how the DUP make unionism look bad. No mask there.

Decades of British PR work to rehabilitate northern unionism’s image and demonise northern nationalism (the ‘bandit country’ nonsense, etc.) is about to come crashing down.


3. FergusD - June 11, 2017

Internment for suspected jihadis, that will halt jihadi recruitment in the U.K. as it did for the IRA in NI – right?


4. roddy - June 11, 2017

If you want to see comedy gold,watch English comic “Ali G” interviewig the DUP’s Sammy Wilson on the streets of Belfast.He asks Wilson if he is Irish andWilson replies “no I am British”, to which Ali replies “is you on holiday?”!


5. Dermot O Connor - June 11, 2017

5 million Roman Catholics in the UK; I wonder how many of them will rethink their Tory vote now?



6. Dermot O Connor - June 11, 2017

Marian Finucane show today, Brendan O Connor sitting in.

Enjoy your 30 minutes of hate, at the Irish taxpayer’s expense. You’d think 3 minutes would be enough; you really have to admire their energy, if nothing else.

Not a single pro-Corbyn voice on the show.

Corbyn is still a clown, still incompetent, won only by promising things he couldn’t deliver, he only won because grotty students wanted free ed. Same script as last week, and the week before, and the week before that. The nice middle class chattering class has learned nothing, and seem in no danger of ever learning…just as arrogant having been wrong about Brexit, wrong about Trump, and wrong about Corbyn.

Oh yeah, the Blairoid counter-factual is a hoot: “If Labour had been led by a moderate, they’d have won”. Uhh, yeah, Owen Smith or the gazumper Angela Eagle would have won 400 seats, riiiiight.

I seem to remember a centrist leading the party to 259 seats and 32% of the vote in 2010 (Brown) and another to 30% and 222 seats in 2015 (Miliband), but shhhhh, let’s not mention that. Does. not. compute. Really, really a centrist would have won more than 32% of the vote this time, we promise.

Curse you Corbyn and your 41%!

Given their animus about JC, it completely escaped the RTE panel’s attention that JC (and god help us, the DUP) have probably saved the UK/IRE from hard Brexit, and vastly reduced the Tories ability to get what they wanted (hard).

Uhm, isn’t that a good thing for the Republic? Hasn’t JC done them a favour?


WorldbyStorm - June 11, 2017

“Curse you Corbyn and your 41%!”



Dermot O Connor - June 11, 2017

There was one saddo on the panel (forget which one), who said “I’m a Trade Unionist, but I’m not a lefty, I’m not into that mad stuff. We need to talk to working people to find out what makes them so angry…blah blah blah”.

Yeah, maybe we should ask the billionaires to be nicer to us? Ask them politely? Say pretty please?


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EWI - June 12, 2017

There was one saddo on the panel (forget which one), who said “I’m a Trade Unionist, but I’m not a lefty, I’m not into that mad stuff. We need to talk to working people to find out what makes them so angry…blah blah blah”

Wasn’t from IMPACT, was s/he?


EWI - June 12, 2017

Ah, it was Gerry Craughwell, sometimes of the right-wing of FG 🙄


6to5against - June 11, 2017

41%? Apparently, survation are now measuring them at 45%, with a 6 point lead.


Dermot O Connor - June 12, 2017
7. roddy - June 11, 2017

Uncle Tom(my) Gorman manages to report on the DUP story without once mentioning the hostile reception the idea of rednecks in government is getting in England.


EWI - June 12, 2017

Like I said somewhere else, the careful repackaging of ‘ulster unionism’ in Britain’s long propaganda war is about to receive a reality check.


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