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Schadenfreude June 14, 2017

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Listening to the eve of poll debate on the Prospect podcast I was amused by hearing Nick Cohen discussing Corbyn’s rise. None of the panelists thought that the LP could even get so far as a hung parliament. In fairness who did – not the LP leadership either, but unlike the LP leadership, or those of us here, Cohen had spent the previous two years dismissing Corbyn, being hugely hostile to his project etc.

Anyway Cohen was talking about an 80-100 seat majority and 34%. But what was fascinating to hear was him getting all the pieces together – Corbyn was a good campaigner, he had had a good campaign, etc, etc.

Even if he gets to 34% even if it doesn’t fall below Foot’s numbers… the poor old chap is in his late 60s, he won’t keep going until 2022, but… he hasn’t got the control of the party machine to get through the rule change that would … allow a son or daughter of Jeremy to take over. I just don’t see how his faction consolidates control.

Well it may not, but like others he’s refused to accept that Corbyn has been well able to compromise. But he can’t quite see that.

It took Matthew Parris to note that Cohen’s detestation of Corbyn greatly exceeded that of any Tory’s antipathy to Corbyn, and that ‘is slightly clouding the right answer… that 34% of Britain are communists, but 18% are, that they believe the government should be in charge of the commanding heights of the economy, they don’t want competition between two good schools they just want one good school, they don’t want competition between two good hospitals but just one good hospital, they forget British Rail and want nationalisation’. 

And he continued to suggest that the Tories even though they’d moved Britain away from a ‘mixed economy’ to capitalism hadn’t broken through to explain the ideological basis for conservatism and capitalism. His first point is right, his second a fascinating insight into his own ideology.

So even a ‘mixed economy’ is beyond the pale to him. Wow.


1. 6to5against - June 14, 2017

Parris’s comments are very revealing, arent they? In a sense it suggests that he would not even be happy with the complete dismantling of public healthcare, public education etc, unless the Tories could also make everybody agree with them that this was all for the best.

But the bit about British Rail? What does he mean, people have forgotten about it. I think the whole point is that people remember it. It surely had its flaws, but all of those flaws remain in the privitised services. And all of its benefits are gone: Not least, cheap fares and coherent scheduling.

I travelled on british rail a lot in the early 90s and it was always a pleasure. A decade later I undertook a long train journey through Britian, Holland, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech republic, Slovakia and back.

Services varied, but were generally fine and comfortable. (though I wish the Poles would mark their station-names in something larger than a single A4 sheet).

Until I got back to Britian. It was no longer possible to buy a through ticket to Dublin, which had once been commonplace, because it involved too many companies. And the last leg home was in a desperately overcrowded, decades-old, wooden carriage. That ran late and seemed to miss some stops entirely.

That would the private sector efficiences I had heard so much about, of course.


madrathedog25 - June 14, 2017
2. depps - June 14, 2017

Cohen is a twat of the highest order. I’m not sure if it was this podcast or another one I listened to him on recently where he was saying that even if Labour DID win a majority that Corbyn wouldn’t be PM as there was a large cohort of Labour MPs who would never vote for him a PM because he was a danger to the state… How this guy is still taken seriously by anybody I will never know.


3. Dermot O Connor - June 14, 2017

They’re both users of Maslow’s hammer. They have one tool, so everything looks like a nail to them.


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