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Every 33 minutes… Comical, but not… June 15, 2017

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Reading this in a piece about Trump’s woes as Comey (and wasn’t that something?) testifies was illuminating:

The mood in the White House has reportedly plummeted and taken on an “it’s us against the world” quality in recent weeks. There were said to be plans for a “war room” – modelled on Bill Clinton’s rapid response unit that dealt with Monica Lewinsky-related inquiries – involving Trump campaign veterans such as David Bossie and Corey Lewandowski. But the process has been bogged down by a lack of decision-making over how to proceed, the Associated Press reported, as well as reluctance from would-be recruits about serving a president who is his own worst enemy.

That’s there problem. That the reason they are in trouble is not from outside – Foreign Policy podcast recently noted that as of yet the Trump administration has not faced a single crisis on the scale of 9/11 or even much lesser, indeed that they’ve been fortunate to coast – but instead from unforced errors from Trump himself and the policies and approaches put forward by him. That’s almost impossible to deal with. A man who – as noted here before – is incontinent in his engagement with social and other media is not well positioned to be constrained by the normal approaches to government.

Also on the podcast someone made a brilliant point, that this is like that Battlestar Galactica episode (new version from the 2000s) where every 33 minutes the fleet came under attack from the Cylons. Except it is an attack from inside!

“If they’re mounting a united front, they’d better get moving,” said Rich Galen, a Republican strategist. “I’m not even sure they know where the front is.”

The front is in the Oval Office.

And this perception is gaining speed elsewhere. How else to explain the following:

Top lawyers with at least four major law firms have turned down requests to represent Trump, Michael Isikoff, a leading investigative journalist, reported on Tuesday. The lawyers cited a number of reasons, ranging from prior commitments and conflicts of interest to anxieties that the president would be unwilling to heed their advice or tarnish their public image, Isikoff wrote for Yahoo News.

Law firms in the US don’t want to represent the President of the US? Bizarre, but understandable when said President is one D. Trump.

Impeachment is unlikely. But the sense of a Presidency in constant crisis grows with every 140 character tweet. And while that is but a symptom of a deeper malaise and one which apparently is incapable of amelioration one has to wonder is this one time when social media will make a genuine difference to the fortunes of a government.

And again it is the unforced errors. No one is pushing Trump to tweet about Comey or policy or whatever. And I find myself hankering after the days when tweets from politicians were anodyne stuff.

Note that the next US Presidential election is on November 3 2020. But even then assuming he is not re-elected we are looking at the pleasure of his company into January 2021. Sheesh.


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