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More Brexit unintended consequence June 15, 2017

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From the Guardian…



The suggestion was that Boris Johnson – who has previously been seen as a strong election asset by many Tory MPs because of his popularity and success in twice winning the mayoralty in London – had developed a “polarising” effect since the EU referendum.

A lot of anger appeared to be linked to the claim of Vote Leave, for which he was the most high-profile supporter, that Brexit would deliver £350m more to the NHS every week.

Well…every cloud…


1. Aengus Millen - June 16, 2017

I thought those at the new statesman had a good take on this which is that whereas Boris could be seen previously as a lovable buffoon (even though he was in a relatively high-profile position) his waffle during the referendum then his botched leadership campaign and all the gaffes since he’s been foreign secretary have begun to make people wonder why he hasn’t grown up or (to use the phrase much used by the media about Dr. Varadkar) why his positions haven’t “evolved”


2. sonofstan - June 16, 2017

I’d agree that he’s divisive – but recent history should caution us about dismissing the appeal of ‘divisive’ figures. Remember all those weeks ago when Jeremy Corbyn was unelectable? Just as JC speaks to something almost elemental in us, so does Boris to the Tory soul (I use the word loosely).

Speaking of which, May is now as unpopular as Corbyn was when the election was called, according to YouGov


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