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Brexit means? June 16, 2017

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Fascinating podcast from the Guardian on Brexit in their “Brexit Means” series… “What does ‘no deal’ actually mean?” from 31/05/2017. You can find it on iTunes.

It paints a genuinely appalling picture of what the T. May line ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ as a reality might mean for the UK. To take one small example dairy and beef – it notes that the idea that these could be traded abroad outside the EU with the ‘rest of the world’ is for the birds, that these ‘don’t travel very well’ and in face of a no agreement regime where they couldn’t be exported whole industries would crumble. And then it notes that the UK depends on supply chains in from the EU for fruit and veg and suggests that what this means is literally ‘unimaginable’ if .

At least the BLP has some inkling of what all this is and what it might mean. But the Tories as the piece notes seemed to believe that this was a strong line – that it was indeed the only card she had. That May has no leverage the other way, nothing she can do to meet them half way  particularly after the election result is now almost without question. What next? What next?

Quite disturbing on every level.


1. GW - June 16, 2017

Brexit! And I claim my free trip to nowhere!


2. Miguel62 - June 18, 2017

I’ve never understood this thing the pro-Brexit mob have about replacing trade with the EU by trading with the rest of the world. This would imply that, at the moment, there is a huge untapped reservoir of potential trading opportunities which Britain is just not bothering with. If such DID exist, wouldn’t the profit maximizing instinct of British business be doing it anyway? Right now?

Or am I missing some piece of brilliant genius thinking from Boris and Co? No, didn’t think so….

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