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“Mongrelisation” June 16, 2017

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On foot of our discussions here on the CIRA faction ceasefire….


Thanks to the people who forwarded this from Saoirse Nua.



1. GW - June 16, 2017

Up the mongrels!

Woof! As the many in the dodgy pantaloons said.


GW - June 16, 2017



Starkadder - June 17, 2017

“the abandonment of nationalism and Christianity by almost the entire ruling class, and the poisoning of the minds of our people by a violently anti-national media”…

Are these creeps bidding for the Breitbart Ireland franchise?

They also should remember the 1916 Rising they venerate involved several people born outside this island in key positions.

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2. LOR - June 16, 2017

of that crowd I found the following amusing LOL – what they did was register it as a business name not as a political party

Media Information From

Joe Lynch, RSF Republican Sinn Fein

National Public Relations Officer

Ballinacurra Weston, Limerick


Contact Joe Lynch 085 1986280 or email: rsflimerick@live.ie



The name of Republican Sinn Fein has been registered

and given legal protection against any other group using

it, a spokesman for the party said today.

Joe Lynch from Ballinacurra Weston in Limerick the

RSF national spokesman said that the decision now

means no other grouping can describe themselves

as Republican Sinn Fein.

“We have had some difficulty with a small cohort of

people pretending to be Republicans and describing

themselves as RSF,” he said.

“Because of this confusion there has been a degree

of fragmentation in Republicanism but now with

our registration there is no uncertainty and only
we are entitled to use the name Republican

Sinn Fein.

“Of course this decision is being conveyed by

our statement today to all those describing

themselves as RSF that they are not legally

entitled to so and have not been since the

14th December 2013 when we received our

certificate of registration.

“We view it as a serious infringement of our

organisation’s legal rights if any other group

continue to use RSF and we shall be closely

monitoring the situation with a view to taking

legal action against any infringements.


Issued on Friday 24th January 2014


Contact Joe Lynch on 085 1986280


3. roddy - June 16, 2017

As I said before I despise all the dissident outfits but this particular band seem all over theplace.Their latest utterings reference Dolores Price as one of their inspirations,thats Dolores whose funeral oration was given by no other than Eamon McCann!


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