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Music festivals…can’t stand them. June 18, 2017

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Been to a few and always found them a miserable experience. I like the countryside but not in the company of thousands of people with varying degrees of interest in the music and only intermittent means of getting home. What do others think?

And then there’s this… 


Music festivals are facing an “enormous backlash” as the emerging trend to cram in more bands playing shorter sets is infuriating some musicians, industry experts warn.

In the past, what seemed like a nation of fans would tune into Radio 1 to hear festival lineups announced and there was a panicked scramble when tickets went on sale. Now with sets as short as 20 minutes, performers are asking themselves if it is worth the bother.

20 minutes? What is the point? It is music as the ultimate disposable accessory.


(Of course I will be at the Rockin’ Road event this afternoon in Glasnevin!  But at least it’s a short cycle away from home… That’s my excuse). 


1. Michael Carley - June 18, 2017

Not really a “music festival” but I would never miss Tolpuddle weekend.


2. Gerryboy - June 19, 2017

Young people like being in crowds and are prepared to pay ripoff prices for admission tickets, and pay more for the purchase of authorised merchandise like T-shirts with images of favourite musicians.


3. Aussie Irishman - June 19, 2017

Loved Lisdoon, Castlebar, Carnsore Point and Macroom back in the day (Paul Brady, John Martyn, Ian Dury, Moving Hearts, Christy Moore, Midnight Well, Rory Gallagher, Hazel O’Connor). Wouldn’t miss the National Folk Festival here in Oz each Easter for quids


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