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Not so clever now… that ‘tory’ tag in Ireland (or anywhere)…  June 19, 2017

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Just thinking that L. Varadkar may well be ruing the day that some applied the term ‘tory’ to him. That brand doesn’t look quite so good in June 2017 as it might have to some in May 2017. But the most convincing punishment delivered to the Tories at the UK General Election will presumably have an effect here too. Suddenly a whole range of politics that was off the table as a serious approach has come right back into play. With the BLP now getting 6% points ahead of the Tories in some polls post-election that has massive implications. Notably he mentioned some stuff about the European ‘centre’ during the week. Whatever that may be…

And the date of the election? Not soon I’d wager. Not as soon as it once was. It is going to be fascinating to see how rhetoric changes from here on out.


1. GW - June 19, 2017

Just wait – they’ll all want to be “the Macron” now.

Just how it goes for le Roi Emmanuel (the first of his name), remains to be seen. The turnout at the assembly elections weren’t exactly a ringing endorsement.


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