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Strike of the times June 23, 2017

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From RTÉ… 

The construction sector is facing industrial disruption as crane drivers belonging to Unite prepare for a strike that could seriously hit activity on building sites around the country from next week.

Unite says it represents 90% (around 170) of the country’s crane drivers, though that figure is disputed by SIPTU, which has traditionally represented the grade.

The union is pursuing a 10% pay claim for the crane drivers that would bring their hourly rate to around €24.


1. Joe - June 23, 2017

I’m like Enda Kenny. I keep meeting people who tell me things. I bumped into a SIPTU official (CPI family connection) last weekend. Hadn’t seen this chap in years and we had a brief chat. He said the big thing in his job in the construction area at the moment is that UNITE are ‘robbing’ their members.
Still, threatened industrial action in the construction sector is a sign that the sector is getting busy again. I remember at the height of the ‘boom’, when SIPTU were corraled in by the national agreement of the time, there were a load of strikes in Dublin looking for wage increases for building workers. The strikes were called by suddenly reawakened entities called ‘the Dublin Society of Scaffolders’ and ‘the Dublin Guild of Crane Drivers’ and the like. All just fronts for SIPTU. I remember seeing a picture of a march when they were out one day, long-time SIPTU officials (in both senses of the word) at the front of the march, just behind a couple of young lads holding the Dublin Scaffolders Society banner.


sonofstan - June 23, 2017

“I’m like Enda Kenny. I keep meeting people who tell me things.”


2. EWI - June 23, 2017

Excellent. SIPTU and IMPACT have grown too big to be accountable to members (and the bureaucrats are now scheming to merge the two).


Joe - June 23, 2017

Early days but I presume they’ll launch a competition among members for suggestions for the new union name. Playing scrabble with SIPTU and IMPACT, the one that works best for me is PIMPU.


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