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Pride 2017 Parade Dublin June 24, 2017

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Has a different route this year due to Luas works, starting in St. Stephens Green and going to Smithfield. Details here. Assembles 11 on, starts at 2 pm. Weather improving – should be a great afternoon.


1. Tomboktu - June 24, 2017

The new route has not been welcomed by all, and officials in the city council refused to confirm to councilors that it would return to O’Connell Street next year when the Luas works are finished.

One of the concerns with this year’s route is that it goes around and by-passes anything central, and in particular does not go along any stretch of the quays in lieu of crossing O’Connell Bridge.

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The BeLonG To contingent alone will have 300 young people – BT had to call on extra adult volunteers as stewards with the number of young people. 300 people in one group alone.

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Whether you agree or not with Varadkar (not many agreers on CLR of course), it would still be a tingly moment if the MC opens the post-parade festivities with the phrase “A Thaoiseach agus …”. A long way from Norris and a handgul of colleagues ‘scurrying up Grafton Street’ to the Department of Justice in the early 1970s or the fury in the 1980s of the march to Fairview Park and the suspended sentences for Declan Flynn’s killers. “A Thaoiseach” as a greeting would be a huge mark of the journey Ireland had travelled.

= = =

The pride organisers have a sense of humor. The participating groups have been divided into six colours. Fianna Fáil is leading the orange section.

= = =

I’ll be with Out and About, the hiking group, in the purple section. In front of us will be the Dublin Devils soccer club, behind us Richard Boyd Barret, Gino Kenny, and their comrades. I should have made a placard for my own group: “We’re the people before The People Before Profit”.

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WorldbyStorm - June 24, 2017

Disappointed to hear that re route. Town is filled with rainbow flags plus people carrying them! Very true re an taoiseach, be a sound gesture.


Joe - June 24, 2017

I’d prefer “A Thaoisigh…”. I’m not walking this year. Minding the mammy. I was at the launch of the HSE LGBTI and Allies group this week. They said they’ll have a banner next year for the march.


2. GW - June 25, 2017

Yep – great to see an out gay Taoiseach of colour.

Just a shame he’s a Tory and a true believer in failed neoliberal economic dogma.


3. GW - June 25, 2017

Talking of gay rights, the cynicism of the SPD in Germany takes some beating. They have just forced through some of the most draconian (and probably technically impossible and possibly unconstitutional at the national and EU level) surveillance law ever enacted at the very end of their inglorious coalition with the CDU/CSU, pretty much under the radar. But that’s another issue.

Now they want to make gay marriage their big issue to distract from their piss-poor stance on wealth redistribution – or just about anything come to think of it – in the coming election.

Gay marriage was theoretically on the SPD’s agenda during the last government. But they long-fingered it in order to be able make it a campaign issue during this election, along with the Greens and the FD fucking P. Despicable. The CDU/CSU will make a big show of it being a big ask and eventually concede to show how socially liberal they are.

Die Linke have long be in favour or gay marriage in the face of all other political parties, and will continue to support it. But our election issues will also be genuine wealth redistribution to fund public investment in schools, housing, transport infrastructure and education.


WorldbyStorm - June 25, 2017

There’s a real cynicism about that approach you describe, we’ve seen similar closer to home from similar enough places too in regard to social issues. It’s real bait and switch stuff and as you say the conservative right can often enough leap frog these parties and claim it for their own.


yourcousin - June 25, 2017

And apologizing for Russians invading other countries. Don’t forget that part of the platform.


RosencrantzisDead - June 26, 2017

Mr. President! Ladies and Gentlemen! [Russian President Vladimir] Putin wants to solve the entire crisis in Ukraine militarily. He has not understood that humanity’s problems are to be solved neither with soldiers nor with guns, quite the contrary. Even Russia’s problems cannot be solved like this. His thinking and actions are wrong and are strongly condemned by us.

Opening paragraph of Gregor Gysi’s speech on the Ukraine/Crimea to the Bundestag.


yourcousin - June 26, 2017

I made an off the cuff snide comment yesterday without thinking. Upon further reflection I feel that my comment debases a thread where it has no point to be.

This post was about Pride festivities at a time when an openly gay man has become Taoiseach. This is not the place for my snark. For that I apologize to folks here.

I will move my response over to a WDYWTS thread where I will continue to beat my dead horse.


Joe - June 26, 2017

Fair play yc. It did jar.


GW - June 26, 2017

Fair enough, YC

I just didn’t get time to answer your comments fully last time. Will attempt to find time.


Joe - June 26, 2017

I thought RiD’s riposte showed that things aren’t as clearcut as YC implied.


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