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Stealth geek June 24, 2017

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

I only heard the term ‘stealth geek’ on a Babylon 5 podcast the other day. Which kind of disproves any sense that I might be a stealth geek despite it being completely unfamiliar to me. But I find it a brilliant term…

For a definition look no further than here… 

A person who has many of the internal qualities of a geek, however does not look or act like a geek.

A geek who has developed social skills.

If you want to know if the hot guy is a stealth geek, the ask him about Star Trek or Mac vs. PC.


Hmmm… both topics I have opinions on – though I’m agnostic in respect of the conflict between proponents of the two competing computing camps (even as a user mostly of Mac).


Stealth Geek is a geek who processes more information, on average, in a better way, despite the fact the knowledge he processes isn’t necessarily useful. The fact someone is a geek is “Stealthed” until someone within earshot of the “Stealth Geek” mentions video games, PCs, consoles, software, roleplaying games or some other such “uncool” item, at which point the “Stealth Geek” drops “Stealth Mode” and his geekiness spews out.

Most “Stealth Geeks” fit in with the popular crowd and bash geeks who don’t seem “cool” right off the bat, at least initially.

I used to think Warian was cool, but he’s a stealth geek.

But isn’t that true of many enthusiasts or fans? You don’t tend to wax lyric in crowds of people who aren’t into something you necessarily are but you do with likeminded people. Kind of courtesy, isn’t it?



1. Michael Carley - June 24, 2017

Isn’t everybody on here one of them: full of information that comes spilling out round elections when an average punter expresses a view on how to vote?

Or for those of us in England, when somebody has something to say about the DUP?

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WorldbyStorm - June 24, 2017

Sad but true. Very very true.


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