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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Kelly Lee Owens June 24, 2017

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For those who like electronic music Welsh based Kelly Lee Owen’s eponymous album released a couple of months ago is well worth a listen. It manages the neat trick of being both nuanced and yet immediately approachable merging techno, dance and near ambient sounds with a – perhaps surprisingly – pop sensibility to good effect. There’s something about the slightly detached sung/spoken vocals (her own for the most part but from Jenny Hval on Anxi) that crop up in tandem to the instrumentation that is extremely compelling.

I’m particularly fond of Evolution and its none more dubstep bass but… Anxi is pretty great, and so is 8 (not on the videos below) which travels through an engaging soundscape. But CBM, Lucid, they’re all good. Playing this album a lot.

By the way, those who have seen the tv series Occupied will recognise the (supposed) Norwegian government buildings in the background of the Throwing Lines.


Throwing Lines




1. aidan (@amaodhan) - June 25, 2017

Yeah, a really nice and listenable record. I’ve probably put it on more often than any other electronic release of the past year (bar maybe Nymphs if that counts).


aidan (@amaodhan) - June 25, 2017

I think a big factor in that might be my aging and rapid slide into out-of-touch adulthood though!


WorldbyStorm - June 26, 2017

Haha, I often try to calibrate my musical taste to what it was like pre adulthood in regard to enthusiasm but it’s impossible. And I’ve given up worrying about being out of touch 🙂 Way too late for that. KLO’s album is very smooth and also oddly dream pop in terms of the vocals. I don’t know if that’s a criticism or a positive. She’s certainly different from Pharmakon whose latest album I’ve also been listening to a good bit recently. Now that’s quite a different experience.


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