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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week June 25, 2017

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A holding post today… Garibaldy is otherwise engaged, but getting the ball rolling here’s RDE’s thoughts on people who don’t like the DUP’s politics (or aspects of same). 

I don’t wish to be mean to [Stephen] Rea and [Caroline] Lucas, for they are merely reflecting a section of British and Irish opinion that is so exhausted from expressing tolerance towards terrorists that they’re dying for targets they can despise without guilt.



1. Starkadder - June 25, 2017

“he DUP, on whom it’s open season, for they are white, Christian, proudly British and a bit old-fashioned and therefore an unprotected species.”

Eh, no. People in the UK dislike the DUP because of their hatred of LGBT people and their anti-feminist stance, , not because they happened to follow Jesus and have pink skin.



WorldbyStorm - June 25, 2017

Exactly. What makes me laugh is that people following RDE’s line don’t do a simple thought experiment in relation to the UUP where if it had a couple of MPs offering confidence and supply quite likely there’d be much less critique. I think the RDE’s are, to take a leaf from her book, so long trying to defend the indefensible that they cannot understand how off the mainstream scale some of the DUPs approaches (as distinct from DUP voters) actually are in the context of contemporary UK or ROI.


EWI - June 25, 2017

I don’t get the DUP and their anti-gay stance. MANY of their public representatives are, after all, known to be gay.

I dated one recently for a while, and going off the experience I’d say that the younger generation won’t have tolerance for this legacy bigotry (shooting themselves in the face to spite their oen noses doesn’t seem to have grown old, unfortunately. Fervent Brexiteers to a man and woman).

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2. Phil - June 25, 2017

That’s the worst take I’ve seen in some time. Quite revealing, though – the idea that political engagement is fuelled by seething hatred, so that anyone who doesn’t let it out on the correct targets (in this case the RA) has to find somebody else to discharge it at (in this case the DUP, poor lambs). I wouldn’t say I’m Monsieur Zen, particularly – I get quite cross with professional anti-leftists on a fairly regular basis – but what RDE’s describing sounds more like Gollum on a bad day:

“We hates the terroristsss don’t we precious, we hates the Fenianses and all their…”
No we don’t! Fenianses are good!
“Fenianses not good…”
Good! We loves them, we do!
“But we hates the terroristses…”
Yes! We hates the DUP terroristses!
“Oh, we hates them! We hates the nasty DUP terrorists, precious, we do!”


WorldbyStorm - June 25, 2017

Depressingly accurate I would suspect as an insight into her worldview 🙂

Though very funny too.


3. roddy - June 25, 2017

WBS ,the UUP are virtually no different in policy terms to the DUP and formed pacts in several constituencies.


Miguel62 - June 25, 2017

And of course todays DUP voters are mostly the same folk who voted OUP up to a few elections ago. It’s strange going up north and meeting “decent” Protestants and then realising three quarters of them vote DUP.

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WorldbyStorm - June 25, 2017

Obviously there’s a meeting of minds on a variety of issues between the two roddy. But if we’re talking about the most proximate issues that are causing unease in the UK beyond unionism itself this isn’t unuseful…


And the UUP appears to accept the reality of climate change… https://uup.org/news/category/10/Environment

And so on…

Very true Miguel62 though I suspect that that is swayed by ‘constitutional’ issues rather than social issues. Although in fairness too it’s telling that they feel comfortable voting for a party with such intriguing views.


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