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Left Archive: Leaflet, Irish Workers Group (Larkin), 1930 June 26, 2017

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Many thanks to Tony Williams for forwarding this to both the Left Archive and Irish Election Literature. Produced on behalf of the Irish Worker League, which was the Larkin party, it outlines IWL candidates for the 1930 Dublin Municipal League. For further information on the IWL see here.

The group was notable for its links to the Comintern and Moscow.


Avowedly working-class it outlines a range of issues on which the candidates are standing. These include Union Wages, Union Conditions, Security of Tenancy, Reduction of Municipal House Rents, the Continuance of Rent Restriction Act and Houses.

The candidates include Frank Cluskey, a Trade Union Secretary (Butchers), Hilary Williams a Bricklayer and John Sunderland a Railway Worker.

A very useful addition to the Archive. Any other materials from the Irish Worker League would be very welcome.



1. irishelectionliterature - June 26, 2017
2. oconnorlysaght - June 26, 2017

Larkin’s Irish Worker League is not to be confused with various bodies called the Irish Workers’ Group. It was built around Larkin’s Irish Worker (hence the odd-sounding name). It had enjoyed the moscow franchise from 1924, but had pulled out of the Comintern in 1928, just before the Third World Congress. The candidates blessed by the Comintern in 1930 were Young Jim Larkin (elected) and Esther McGregor.

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3. Michael Carley - June 26, 2017

Was the Frank Cluskey any relation?


4. oconnorlysaght - June 27, 2017

Yes, he would be the father of the future LP leaders

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5. oconnorlysaght - June 27, 2017

Correction: ‘leader’.


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