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A bit dull, but telling. July 3, 2017

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Was my thought reading this report of various polling done this last week about the respective leaders of our two largest (?) political parties…

I suppose there is some vague interest in seeing whether Martin or Varadkar are more popular in regard to their handling of various issues – those chosen were Brexit, Fixing Healthcare, Solving the Housing Crisis and Eradicating Corruption. But it is so nebulous. Only one of the two has any degree of executive authority and the whole thing seems a bit meh.

I mean I am exercised by Brexit, but how does the following help in any way whatsoever?

Brexit is regarded as being the most important issue facing the country. On this issue Mr Varadkar also leads, but by a much narrower margin of 40% to 28% (or, 59 to 41 once don’t knows are excluded).

And what of this?

Furthermore, on this issue a relatively large proportion of 33% – or one in three – could not pick between the two leaders. One may therefore conclude that there is some capacity for Mr Martin to make up ground on the issue of Brexit.

In a way though these questions are perfect for the cosmetically wishy washy ideological but tilted right politics that both men represent. Because ‘fixing Healthcare’ is a meaningless statement unless it is contextualised with what sort of ‘fixes’ are envisaged. So in that way the poll is fascinating, not so much for what it purports to tell us but for the way in which it is organised.


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