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Fish tale – part 2 July 3, 2017

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Got to smile. As with almost everything Brexit first it’s one thing, then it’s another. Usually something that shows up the first. Meeting between the EU and UK? We then find that the UK side hasn’t bothered to bring any documents or position papers. Yesterday the UK decided to withdraw from the London Convention.

Today we discover that…

Britain’s plan to enforce its new control of fishing waters is “amazingly complacent”, according to a former first sea lord and Royal Navy admiral, who said the three vessels used were far too few.


West, now a Labour peer, challenged the environment minister John Gardiner in the House of Lords: “How [does the government] intend to police and enforce the new regulations for UK inshore fishing waters?”

Lord Gardiner said Britain had a “robust enforcement system” delivered by the Marine Management Organisation in the waters from six miles to 200 miles from the coast. “As we leave the EU we will have to review and reflect on the level of fisheries enforcement required,” he said.

To which…

West replied: “This simple sailor is absolutely stunned by the answer, which shows amazing complacency. The bottom line is we have very, very few vessels involved in this and they are not properly centrally coordinated.

“We have already seen a number of countries involved, saying to hell with what you are saying, we are coming there anyway,” West said. Denmark has said it will seek to protect its historic fishing rights, which it says stretch back to the 1400s. “We will be made a laughing stock if we apply some rules and cannot enforce them,” he said.

I’m still wondering about the question raised in comments – what is the situation vis a vis the coast of Northern Ireland and Irish trawlers?


1. Jim Monaghan - July 4, 2017

Revive claim to Rockall or at least challenge it beibng used to define sea rights. In this Loftus was right. And we would have the EU navies to inforce our claim.


EWI - July 4, 2017
EWI - July 4, 2017

(Anyone who doesn’t think that that’s cricket is welcome to place a wager as to whether the Tories conceive a scheme first to something along these lines)


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