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That ‘frictionless’ border July 3, 2017

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Cliff Taylor is a better guide to the problems facing us on this island re Brexit than others:

This might well be the lesser of two evils for the Government, as if Britain leaves the customs union we will have controls at our ports anyway on goods coming and going from the UK. However, business in the North would face new delays and costs on their trade with Britain, by far their most important market. The DUP would also see this idea of a special status as politically and economically unacceptable. And so, like so much about Brexit, you end up in a cul de sac . You can try to limit the damage, but you can’t solve the problem.

This is the thing. Every solution is blocked by another problem. Most of these problems relate back to the UK. The DUP is merely another element in this fractious mix.


1. bjg - July 3, 2017

Here’s Ray Bassett [42-page PDF] on whether Brexit’s costs for Ireland are so high as to make IEXIT desirable. From the summary (which is as far as I’ve got yet):

Whatever the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, there will be a price to pay. For Ireland, there is really no upside to Brexit. Officially, Ireland has already made its choice. The Irish Government remains determined to stick with what it calls “Team EU”. The question to be raised is what price is Ireland willing to pay to stand in solidarity with the remaining 26 EU countries? If the Irish Government is willing to pay that price, will the Dáil, and possibly the population in a referendum, be equally willing to do so?




WorldbyStorm - July 3, 2017

Yeah, I read that today. It’s not great. If the case has to be made convincingly it would have to be made a lot more strongly. And he doesn’t delineate what the costs of going with the British are. For a start he completely ignores what the economic/trade aspects of our relationships are with respect to the EU and the UK. And there’s nothing at all about what the RoI would do in this brave new world. Indeed in a way there’s a weird passivity about his analysis. The British are going, we’re close to them culturally, we should go with them. It’s really not a lot deeper than that.


paulculloty82 - July 3, 2017

Not to mention that a quick Wiki search on Policy Exchange reveals it is the brainchild of High Tories such as Michael Gove, Francis Maude and Charles Moore (Thatcher’s biographer and former Telegraph editor).


WorldbyStorm - July 3, 2017

Lovely people. And Dean Godson…


WorldbyStorm - July 3, 2017

Thinking a bit more about it it’s not as if they don’t have an axe to grind in relation to this state. And if I’m not incorrect didn’t Charles Moore support the RUC to the very last? It feels sometimes as if there’s a very quiet lobby keen to restore the status quo ante of 1973. And one doesn’t have to be a fan of the EU in the slightest to feel that that’s a real problem.


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