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The forces of darkness? July 3, 2017

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Thanks to the person who drew attention to the article linked to here on Broadsheet. In it Ed Brophy, former Chief of Staff to Joan Burton, actually uses the following term…

The crucible for the next confrontation with the forces of darkness is already in sight. how the political system deals with the forthcoming reform of bin charges will be a crucial test and already the portents are not good.



1. EWI - July 3, 2017

The LP types on Twitter have been busy little bees, calling for Garda batons on skulls.


Dermot O Connor - July 3, 2017

Tankies, but no tanks.


2. sonofstan - July 3, 2017

It might be worth reminding the ILP that their sister party here in the Uk had an MP shot dead during the referendum campaign by someone with a headfull of venom implanted by really, really, dark forces …..sense of proportion etc. when it comes to ‘threats to democracy’

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Dr. X - July 4, 2017

Careful now. . . the meejia is quite capable of spinning that one as “evil internet lefty sonofstan threatens Irish Labour party people with gun violence”.


sonofstan - July 4, 2017

I demand to be known as ‘Evil Internet Lefty’ from now on.


fergal - July 4, 2017

What’s is a name sonofstan?- ‘evil internet lefty’ gives us Evil as an acronym- if we take the first two words of evil, of course..


3. sonofstan - July 3, 2017

And re the bin charges and attendant darkness – DCC voted tonight to restore waste collection to public ownership. Pity they can’t actually implement it.


4. murf - July 4, 2017

How tragic that, reading an LP figure’s use of the term “forces of darkness”, you immediately know they are referring to the left.

How dreadful if the Irish LP get a lift from people’s admiration of the Corbyn leadership in the UK.


Dermot O Connor - July 4, 2017

especially given that Howlin was over there canvassing with Blairites.


5. irishelectionliterature - July 4, 2017

Anyone to the Left of Labour is wrong ….. In a way this is Labours equivalent for the Far Left of the Jean McConville stuff that they throw at Sinn Fein.


6. oconnorlysaght - July 4, 2017

It seems probable that the man Brophy is part of a counter attack by the establishment to ensure a favourable atmosphere for the coviction of the Jobstown 11 (and prevent the exoneration of the Jobstown one. We have been reading of the demonstrators’ horrific and un-pc abuse of Burton and her aide. One fool wrote to the IT comparing it unfavourably to Donald Trump’s tweets, ignoring the fact that however deplorable the abuse of the deprived it is of minor significance compared to that of the leader of the ‘Free World’.
Anyway, here are some items that I hope will reinforce our armoury in the next months.
1, A quote from Bernard Shaw:
‘More than fifty years ago I was marching in a procession which numbered at least a thousand men. It was broken up and scattered in hopeless confusion and terror by twenty young policemen armed with nothing more deadly than their clubs. Not one of the thousand knew what to do or what any of the others would do; so they all ran away, except those who were overtaken and knocked on the head……….Each of the twenty policemen knew what the other nineteen were going to do, and had the law on his side. He had a uniform, a helmet, and a weapon, and could count on the co-operation of nineteen uniformed, helmeted, weaponed comrades. It was a triumph of expected behaviour over mistrust and anarchy.’- ‘Everybody’s Political What’s What?’, P.125.
This raises the intriguing question as to whether the cops did not try to extend the standoff and make matters worse for a prospective trial. Accessories to an allegedly criminal act?
2. Two historical episodes. In 1900, young David Lloyd George was nearly lynched in Birmingham by a Chamberlainite mob and escaped only by disguising himself as a cop. No charges were brought, but then Ll G was in opposition
Later during the war, Churchill, recognised already as architect of victory, was warned not to go into certain mining areas.
That’s politics for ye! Not a pleasant aspect of the art but a real one. When an ill-drafted and unpopular measure has been forced into law without debate, anyone identified with should not enter areas most resistant to it. If the Jobstown 18 could be charged with illegal imprisonment, I think, as a non-lawyer, that Burton and Zappone are at least as open to prosecution for conduct leading to a breach of the peace.

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7. Jemmyhope - July 4, 2017

Olivia O Leary continuing the RTE viewpoint calls the Jobstown protest “an attack on democracy” and equates it with her story of being attacked and threatened by Paisleyites in Derry.

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8. irishelectionliterature - July 4, 2017

Joan Burton having a dig against the Far Left Pro Choice Campaign here…. (Of course Abortion and Repealing the 8th used to be Labour’s issue.. not anymore)


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