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Warmongers… July 3, 2017

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A deeply, profoundly, troubling podcast from Foreign Policy Magazine the other week about whether ‘Trump is Preparing for Conflict with Iran’. The answer was… yes.

One correspondent noted that:

…the way the White House are talking about it is that this is the inevitable next chapter in the war in Syria… that after you defeat Isis you next go to war with Assad and Iran. I never heard that when I was reporting on the Obama White House and I don’t think the American public is aware that that is the next chapter of the war.

Another person noted:

There is not a public debate and there ought to be if we’re heading to a military confrontation with Iran. There’s a lot of talk about ‘getting tough with Iran’… but what does that mean? And the Administration is not sure what that means. Does it mean you widen sanctions, overtime you sabotage the nuclear agreement, that you seek military confrontation in Southern Syria?

And as to the question as to whether it was to ‘keep Iran contained or something more radical?’. The answer was – ‘they [the Administration] don’t know’ and that ‘Iran has become emboldened across the region [in the view of the US and Israel]’.

And a further point, ‘The Trump administration has lumped in Iranian groups with Islamic terrorist groups’ and the analysis was that this is functionally incorrect but also an alarming escalation in itself.


1. Roger Cole - July 3, 2017

There is no public debate in Ireland about a possible war with Iran any more than there is a public debate about the use of Shannon Airport by over 2.5 million US troops or the clear moves towards the creation of an Army of the European Union, because RTE, the IT and the rest of the corporate media are totally supportive of a war on Iran.
PANA published an excellent document by our research officer, David Morrison on Iran and we made a big effort to distribute it as widely as possible to the Irish corporate media. It was totally ignored.
The US based World Beyond War is organising a Peace Conference in Cloughjordan on Saturday 8. I would be amazed if it got any coverage, and to be fair to say that that if many on the LEFT turned up I would also be be amazed.


2. An Sionnach Fionn - July 3, 2017

The rationale for a US-Iran war is utterly inexplicable. Why do it?


WorldbyStorm - July 3, 2017

Saudi’s and the Israelis both want the Iranian’s bottled up. There’s a tranche of US military and intelligence who loath the Iranians. That’s some pressure on the politicians, though in some instances it’s pushing an open door. Whether it would be outright war is an interesting question. Perhaps more likely would be bombing military and other infrastructure.


3. Here we go again - July 4, 2017

Don’t forget that Israeli government has long wanted some form of US military intervention against Iran.

The chances that Trump will start a war to shore up an unpopular presidency are high.

The question is, will the US population buy it? There’s a good chance for effective peace movement to develop there.

Expect nothing to help prevent war from the Irish government if it’s the US that’s waging it. “Of course you can refuel at Shannon, sor – what do you want in your lunch packs?”


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