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The CLR book club Week 27 July 2017 July 4, 2017

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How are we getting on with Kill All Normies?

By the way listening to a Foreign Policy magazine podcast there was a very interesting review of a book entitled Raven Rock about the US state’s plans for national survival in the event of nuclear war and the constellation of structures, sites and so on that grew up to save a relative handful of survivors from government. It started small with quite limited atom bombs replaced by much more powerful ones. Armoured trains, helicopters, even floating command ships in the Atlantic. And the times from notice of attack to arrival of the bombs shortened dramatically. By the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis ‘the government had given up on the idea that the civilian population could be saved’. That early – eh? And no spouses or children were to be saved. Which left behind a lot of supposedly key people who refused to go. Cheerful reading.


1. Michael Carley - July 4, 2017

A bit overshadowed by Doctor Strangelove at the time and since, but this is a great film on that theme:


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