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Persons of interest…  July 5, 2017

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This is fascinating… a piece on how Jeremy Corbyn was monitored by the police across decades. But not just him. Look at what other names crop up. 


Two years ago, Francis gave an on-the-record account of how police had spied on Corbyn and a string of other Labour politicians even after they had been elected to the House of Commons. Francis said he had read secret files on 10 MPs while he worked for the Metropolitan police’s special branch in the 1990s. These included Harriet Harman, Peter Hain and Diane Abbott.

Harman, why Harman (Hain I get, he would have been strongly active in anti-apartheid activities). Well, I can only presume her involvement in the NCCL was part of it.

And they haven’t gone away, oh no!

The police have monitored politicians more recently. They include leading members of the Green party such as Caroline Lucas MP and the peer Jenny Jones.


1. Ed - July 5, 2017

Yeah, Harman was because of the NCCL; they also had files on Peter Mandleson (!) because he had been a member of the Young Communist League, and Jack Straw (supposedly because he had been elected as NUS president with support from the CP as a ‘broad left’ candidate). Seumas Milne has a good point in The Enemy Within that it’s part of the theology of MI5 (and presumably the police as well) that they never spy on political parties (apart from the far left), trade unions, campaigning organizations like CND, etc.; they just spy on the ‘subversives’ within those organizations. But it just so happens that by spying on the alleged subversives, you can also keep tabs on the entire organization; what a happy coincidence.


2. roddy - July 5, 2017

What are they spying on the Greens for? FF tools in the South and pro imperialist lackeys in the North.


Michael Carley - July 5, 2017

Some of them are a bit better than that in England.


Joe - July 5, 2017

What are they spying on the Greens for? Well, why do you think? They’re not going to be spying on the Oranges are they?


3. roddy - July 5, 2017

The Northern Greens are well aware of the Orange nature of their party leader’s constituency.When a SF election agents car was burnt out in Bangor,Steven Agnew “condemned” it but with the qualification that “the people of North Down will reject SF at the ballot box”.He later retracted the qualification after a storm on social media but it showed how he and his ilk really think.


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