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July Socialist Voice July 6, 2017

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The July Socialist Voice from CPOI is now available online at http://www.communistpartyofireland.ie/sv/index.htmlEU:

Time to think about withdrawal. Eugene McCartan http://www.communistpartyofireland.ie/sv/01-eu.html The negotiations for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union are now under way. Formal negotiation began on 19 June, though no doubt there has been a lot of behind-the-scenes activity since the referendum result was announced in June 2016.      The British state and ruling elements will have been working away at seeing how to thwart the will of the people, as expressed in the referendum.

Money, banking, power. Jimmy Doran http://www.communistpartyofireland.ie/sv/02-money.html The banking system has totally changed since the time when banks took in deposits, paid interest on this money, and then lent it out at a higher rate of interest to others.      This model did not create enough profit for banks, and has not been used for many years. Banks now rely on commercial borrowing,………..

End the carnival of failure. Tommy McKearney http://www.communistpartyofireland.ie/sv/03-dup.html Almost lost amid the frantic scrutinising of the £1 billion bribe offered by Theresa May to the DUP in order to keep a minority Tory government in power was a statement of intent in relation to British foreign policy objectives.      Along with the financial package for the North, both parties agreed to make a commitment to NATO that the Tory government would spend 2 per cent of GDP on the armed forces.

Time to scrap the Leaving Certificate. Graham Harrington http://www.communistpartyofireland.ie/sv/04-leaving-cert.html If the Irish education system is the “murder machine” that Patrick Pearse described, then the Leaving Certificate is the murder weapon.      The Leaving Cert system ensures that the potential career and life of the pupil is dependent on a single memory test.

Jobstown: A vindication of protest and activism Graham Skehan http://www.communistpartyofireland.ie/sv/05-jobstown.html As we receive the verdict that the six accused in the Jobstown case have been fully acquitted, it is time to examine the role of the Gardaí in the policing of left-wing politics.      I mean “policing” in two senses here: the first, a literal sense—dawn raids, brutality on marches, etc.—but also in a more figurative sense, delineating the terms of what kind of politics is acceptable in Ireland.

A crucial moment for Venezuela. Robert Navan http://www.communistpartyofireland.ie/sv/06-venezuela.html The extreme violence being perpetrated by groups connected to the right-wing opposition in Venezuela has now seen the death toll rise to over eighty. Public and community property, particularly projects associated with gains made by the revolution,

Book Review Over-boiled biography of a hard-boiled writer David Mulligan http://www.communistpartyofireland.ie/sv/07-hammett.html

Ken Fuller, Hardboiled Activist: The Work and Politics of Dashiell Hammett (London: Praxis Press, 2017) Spendthrift, drunkard, womaniser, Pinkerton strike-breaker, crime novelist, Hollywood screenwriter and ultimately communist activist, the subject of Ken Fuller’s recently published Hardboiled Activist:

The “unreliable narrator” goes to Russia Jenny Farrell http://www.communistpartyofireland.ie/sv/08-oflaherty.html Liam O’Flaherty’s lifetime coincides with momentous events: the First World War, the Russian Revolution, and the emerging Irish state. He wrote the first Irish anti-war novel, wrote of resistance during the famine, and produced the first novel in the state to be banned.



1. Jim Monaghan - July 6, 2017

“Time to scrap the Leaving Certificate. Graham Harrington ”
“Those who do take the Leaving Cert exam are not provided with any additional support that their more privileged classmates can avail of. The parents of those pupils can afford to get them grinds and so on, which can compensate for lower ability, which means that the Leaving Cert is much easier if you come from a more upper-class background, regardless of your ability.
To make this more entrenched, universities and colleges tend to have a select group of schools that they deem appropriate to take new entrants from.”.
I thought entry to Third Level was purely by points. Has it been replaced with a UK type interview? Replace it with what.
General Point. Yes, it is a murder machine. Yes, there is not enough help for poor young people. Mind you I think the help needs to start at pre-school level. Oh and I woudl end autonomy for schools. I woudl go for regional boards, Dublin with 4. Move the best teachers to where they can do the best to even things up.
And entry to Third Level. Bad as it is the points system does not tell whether you are from Ballyfermot or Castleknock. All our elites, Medical, Law etc. campaign for an interview system.
Oh and is Third Level, the be all and end all. Are we skewed in favour of academic education. Maybe too much bias in fabvour of theory and not as much as it should be in favour of practice.I think the end of teh Group Certificate (merger into Junior Cert.) dimished the respect for Craft. I woudl not want a system where a barrier to advance happened. Eg why cannot nurses fast track into studying to be doctors. Etc.

Just a few random thoughts.Some would be aware that I think the school year is not long enough.

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